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La Laguna guide

Tower of the church de la Concepcion in La Laguna

La Laguna – History and top things to do

La Laguna is so close to the airport of Santa Cruz de Tenerife that many people do not even pay attention to this town. It is, however, a Unesco heritage site and has kept a special charm that cannot however be perceived in Santa Cruz.

San Cristobal de la Laguna was founded in 1496 and it was the capital of the island for centuries. Its charm lies in its architecture. Any person with a thirst for buildings and colonial architecture will enjoy a good time at La Laguna. Its historical center with cobbled streets was designed following certain planning schemes and its layout was used to shape some of the towns and cities in Latin America.

Its name derives from an ancient laguna (lagoon) that dried up near the location used as a settlement for the city.

La Laguna city guide - Table of Contents

Cathedral of La Laguna
Cathedral of La Laguna
Street and drago tree in La Laguna
Street and drago tree in La Laguna
Colorful houses in La Laguna, Tenerife
Colorful houses in La Laguna

Practical information to plan your visit to La Laguna

Brief history of San Cristobal de la Laguna

The city was founded in 1496 by Alonso de Lugo, conqueror of Tenerife and it received the award of city in 1531. It became the capital of Tenerife but in 1706 a volcanic eruption destroyed the port of Garachico in the North. This led to the development of a port in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, closer to the capital. However, many institutions moved from La Laguana to the nearby Santa cruz, and the later gained in importance whilst San cristobal de la Laguna declined in ecnomic power. As a result of this process Santa cruz became the capital of Tenerife in 1833.

San Cristobal de la Laguna - quick facts

La Laguna became a unesco heritage site in 1999. Today it holds the most important university in the Canary islands, and student life is key to its laid back atmosphere.
La Laguna is the second largest city in Tenerife and the third one in the Canary islands. It is not easy to know where La Laguna ends and Santa Cruz starts.

5 top reasons to visit la Laguna


Feel like you are in Spain in the 16th and 17th century 
Some areas in the city center of La Laguna will give you the impression that you are back in history. Its palaces, grand townhouses, and chessboard style layout contribute to this feeling.

La Plaza del Adelantado is a beautiful plaza, with fantastic trees that surround a fountain. The hermitage of San Miguel is located in the Plaza.

Church de la Concepción and its tower.
This is one of the oldest churches in La Laguna. It dates back to the 16th century and it has a beautiful tower from the 18th century which is the main icon of the city. Inside the church, you will find a baroque pulpit carved from a single piece of wood and a cedarwood choir.

Museums of history and science in La Laguna

Museum of the history of Tenerife
An interesting museum, well laid and with good explanations to understand the history of the island, and how its society developed since it was conquered. Tickets from 3 Euros and audio guides are available.

Museum of sciences and cosmos
Located at 1 kilometer from the city center, this museum offers many interactive experiments and it cannot be described as a “typical science museum”. There is a planetarium and a cosmic tourism room besides over 100 experiments. The museum aims at making science fun. The canary islands are one of the best places in Europe for astronomy.

Friday nightlife in” el Cuadrilatero” Due to its University population, La Laguna is a perfect place to enjoy a Friday night out. There is a multitude of bars in the are known as “El Cuadrilatero” which is located near the streets Dr Antonio Gonzalez and Elias Sierra Rafols. In this area, some 100 bars are the meeting point for students and party seekers alike.

The cathedral of La Laguna
Despite this cannot be described as one of the top cathedrals in Spain, it is an interesting piece of religious architecture. Works for the construction of the cathedral were initiated in 1513 but the building has been altered on several occasions. Amongst its most interesting items: the neoclassical façade, the tomb of Fernandez de Lugo, conqueror of Tenerife, a baroque retable, and a rich treasure. 

Best time to visit La Laguna

As in the rest of Tenerife, weather is mild all year round. The North of Tenerife gets more rain than the south, and this is the case also at La Laguna. 

Our preferred months to visit la Laguna are February (due to carnival), March, April. May June. September and October. if you would like to profit from the university life atmosphere bear in mind that faculties remain close during summertime. 

Weather in La Laguna

Temperatures range from 60F in winter to 80F in August (highest averages) . You can expect rain in November and December (8o millimeters per square meter) and below 50 ml the rest of the months in the year, with very low rain in summer. 

Best things to do near La Laguna

Path in the forest of Anaga Tenerife

Anaga natural park in Tenerife

The Parque de Anaga is located in the northeast of the island, at 30 minutes drive from Santa Cruz de Tenerife (at 30 minutes drive).

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