Regions of Spain

Regions of Spain

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Make Spain the right way!

Most travel guides to Spain provide information based on administrative regions. We have put together these Spain geographical guides to ensure you find relevant information that matches your travel needs. No matter which places in Spain to visit you are looking for, no matter where you land or departure in Spain, no matter if you travel south, north, east or west, these guides will guide you into the main attractions and lead you to specific city or attractions guides

Spain regions - Contents

Regions of Spain

Southern Spain - Plaza de España

Southern Spain

Southern Spain is vibrant and full of life with amazing experiences to be discovered. It is the beating heart of Spain, filled with amazing food, deep traditions and amazing natural beauty.

Landscape Northern Spain

Northern Spain

Northern Spain is is bursting with amazing experiences to be discovered. It is perhaps, the best region in the country for food and wine and enjoys a unique natural beauty with both lush green hills and spectacular, gold sand beaches.


Central Spain

Andalusia is Spain’s southernmost region. Andalusian is world-renowned for its white villages, flamenco, vibrant culture and it’s most important cities: Seville, Cordoba, Granada or Malaga. Our guide to Andalusia will provide you with all the information you will need to plan your trip to Andalusia.