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Theme parks in Spain

In this article, we break down the best zoos and amusement parks in Spain. Whether you are traveling with your family and you want to plan the perfect, action-packed vacation or you just have an extra day and want to get your blood pumping, you in the right place. Our expert guides have compiled the ultimate list of the best amusement parks and zoos you will find in all of Spain.
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Casa Mila

Casa Mila – La Pedrera

Check out our guide to Casa Mila, one of the essential sites to visit in Barcelona. Casa Mila is one of the houses in Barcelona designed by Gaudi. … Read More

Cíes Islands

Cíes Islands

This chain of small islands are located off the coast of Galicia in northwestern Spain. The go from the Vigo estuary to Arousa. Within the park there are four distinct archipelagos the islands of Cíes, Ons, Sálvora y Cortegada. The islands are gorgeous, with a unique ecosystem, but the true richness of the park is located underwater.

The biodiversity of sea dwelling creatures in this coastal area is almost overwhelming. In addition, many legends and rumors swirl around these islands, making the all the more interesting and mysterious. The park, created in 2002, spans over 7.200 maritime hectares and 1.194 hectares on land. … Read More

parrot loro park tenerife

Loro Park Tenerife

Check out our full guide to the Loro Park in Tenerife. Loro Park is a wonderful zoom on the island that is a perfect activity for you and your family. … Read More

puerta del sol

Puerta del Sol Madrid

Check out our full guide to the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, one of the “must see” sights in the city and the geographic center of Spain. … Read More

Doñana National Park

Doñana National Park

Doñana national park is perhaps the most famous of Spain’s National Parks. the is truly no other place like it on Earth. This area of Spain seems to have hit the “nature lottery”. Because of its location, it’s proximity to the ocean, the river that crosses through the park, the weather, etc. Doñana is home to 4 different ecosystems. The park features dunes, marshlands, mediterranean forest and grasslands.

This unique convergence of conditions make it the perfect home to an incredible number of species. In particular, migratory birds flock to doñana in droves making it a bird watching heaven. It is also home to a great number of endangered Spanish species like the Iberian Lynx and the Imperial Eagle. The park spans over 54.252 hectares between Huelva and Sevilla and became a national park in 1969. … Read More

playa del ingles gran canaria

Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria

Playa del Ingles is one of the best and most spectacular beaches in Gran Canaria. Check out our full guide to get the most out of your visit. … Read More

Views of Cadiz in South Spain

Cadiz City Guide

ádiz is a province of Andalucía, in Southern Spain. The city is completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, and it is one of the oldest settlements in Europe, dating back over 3 thousand years. Cádiz is well known for its seafood and Sherry wine. In this city guide of Cadiz, you will discover the best plans, things to do and interesting excursions from Cadiz … Read More

Cabarceno park in Cantabria

Cabarceno Park in Cantabria

Check out our guide on Cabarceno Park, a beautiful nature park in Cantabria in northern Spain, home to over 120 species that live freely in the park … Read More

poema del mar aquarium

Poema del Mar Aquarium

Poema del Mar Aquarium is a spectacular aquarium located in the Puerto de la Luz of Las Palmas. It’s a wonderful aquarium and great place to visit. … Read More