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Beach in Canary islands

Canary islands

The Canary Islands are commonly known as the islands with spring all year round. The archipielago is composed of eight islands (plus some smaller, uninhabited islets). The good things about the Canary islands is that each of the islands has a very different personality and offer something unique to be enjoyed. In case you thought they are all the same, great sunny destinations for year-round sunshine, we believe you should dig a bit deeper and discover which one would suit you best. … Read More

torre del oro seville during the day

Seville City Guide

“Sevilla tiene un color especial” claims a famous Spanish song… The soul of this city may emerge from the passion of Flamenco in the taverns of Triana neighborhood, or from the greedy conquistadores that populated it, or you may have to blame Easter for it. No matter where the truth is that few cities in the world can pride themselves on being a perfect mix of beauty and charisma. Today you will learn about the history of Seville at the Alcazar, enjoy one of its most relaxing areas in Maria Luisa and, discover the passion of Flamenco in one of the flamenco shows in Seville. … Read More

san sebastian city guide

San Sebastian City Guide

Check out our San Sebastian City Guide to find all the information you need to plan the perfect visit to this amazing city in Northern Spain. … Read More

caceres city guide

Cáceres City Guide

Check out our full Cáceres City Guide, one of Spain’s most pristinely conserved medieval cities, and truly a one-of-a-kind city. Depending on your travel schedule you may decide to dedicate 1 or 2 days to Cordoba. One day is enough to enjoy the most important highlights and get a good feeling of the city. With 2 days you will be able to enjoy more attractions and even an excursion to MEdina Zahara. We have built this city-break in Cordoba including our recommendations for hotels, … Read More

Rias Baixas

Rias Baixas Travel Guide

Check out our full guide to the Rias Baixas, a network of estuaries in South West Galicia . The Rias Baixas are gorgeous and a foodies paradise. … Read More

Menorca Holidays

Menorca is an amazing vacation destination. Well-preserved, the island has retained its charm and is a top destination for people searching to relax and enjoy nature, not just the sea, but also hikes and fantastic horse rides. Learn more about this fascinating island in this travel guide … Read More

Resorts in Ibiza

Ibiza holidays

A party capital but much more…. Beaches on the islands enjoy powdery white sand and clear, warm, turquoise water. The Islands are well known for their secluded coves which make for relaxing and romantic little oasis’s that can be found all around the coast. The climate also makes the Islands a natural paradise, with an incredible amount of biodiversity on land and off the coast. … Read More

Little isle in the coast of Ibiza in Balearic islands in Spain

Balearic islands

The Balearic Islands are a top tourist destination that offers something to everyone. Most Europeans will have the islands among their top 3 places to visit in Spain for sure! And the Balearic islands do not disappoint the visitor.

Splendid beaches and small coves, fishing villages, olive, and almond groves, and citrus orchards, Despite the masses, arrive in summer, you will still be able to find your place and, why not, also enjoy the noise of the sea along with music during endless nights. … Read More

The bridge to San Juan de gaztelugatxe hermitage

Northern Spain

No one would say that Northern Spain is a “hidden gem” but it when most people think of Spain, what most people imagine is southern Spain: flamenco, bullfighting, beaches, paella, tapas, … So when people visit the northern part of the country they are usually blown away. The north of Spain is green and lush, brimming with history and culturally very different from the rest of the country (especially in the Basque Country). The food is different, the nightlife is different, … everything is just different. Different and amazing. … Read More

Views of Ronda in south Spain

Ronda City Guide

Enjoy Ronda, of the most visited cities in Spain! Andalusia is home to many amazing cities, one of which is Ronda. Find out what makes it so special in this city guide. Landscapes, amazing architecture, heritage and a true Andalusian feeling make of Ronda a very special destination … Read More