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Mahón is the Capital of Menorca and one of Spain´s cities with larger British influence.Today it holds a population of around 30,000 and its main highlight is with no doubt its beautiful harbour; one of the Mediterranean most impressive natural harbours. Discover in this Menorca city guide all you need to plan your visit to Mahón.

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Practical information to plan your visit to Mahón

5 top reasons to visit Mahón

Its natural harbour, one of the jewels of the Mediterranean. The harbour is best enjoyed in the evening after a long day of sailing! On the right side of the harbour is the San Antonio estate (the Golden Farm), where Admiral Lord Nelson lived. The whole town has a definite English air.The fish market is worth-seeing and a perfect place to enjoy local atmosphere and purchase top quality ingredients. 

The Santa María la Mayor church: Work began on building this church as early as 1287 although it was not finished until the 18C, in neoclassical style. The church boasts one of the finest organs in the world.

Enjoy shopping in old Mahon. Narrow streets and a great atmosphere. There are many shops with local artisan products. You will find many gift ideas!Mola fortress. Built in the XIX century, it is one of the largest European fortresses of tat century. There are many fantastic view-points of the port of Mahon.

Best time to visit Mahón

This section basically applies to the whole island of Menorca. Menorca offers fantastic trekking possibilities and if you are not so interested in enjoying its beaches, Menorca is a great tourist destination all year round. The water temperatures is 21C in May and it stays warm till November (23C average) Mahon local festivals happen in September (7th to 9th)

Weather in Mahón

Even in December, January and February daily averages are close to 15C. Rain can be expected from September till April (more than 10 days with rain per month) though in small amounts. The month of the year with more rain is November.

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Recommended hotels in Mahón

There are many hotels in Mahón and it is a city where prices are moderate out of season. Some hotels in Mahón offer a romantic experience, but Menorca has so many fantastic hotels that the decision to stay in Mahón is sometimes hard

Recommended attractions in Mahón

Daily excursions to enjoy the fantastic secluded beaches (calas) in Menorca are one of Mahon´s top attractions. You will also be able to enjoy its market, churches, shops or its fortress

Recommended restaurants in Mahón

Some of Menorca´s best restaurants are located in Mahón and you will be able to enjoy fantastic views over the harbour well you enjoy fine or casual-dining

Best things to do Near Mahón

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