Madrid to Seville via Extremadura

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5-10 day itinerary

Madrid and Seville can easily be connected by rail in less than 3 hours. This is for sure the most convenient way to enjoy both cities… but there is so much to enjoy on the way! We propose you a complete Madrid to Seville itinerary to enjoy some of Spain´s most fascinating locations.

You will get seduced by Segovia´s palace and acueduct, by the marvellous medieval walls of Avila, the plaza Mayor in Trujillo or the roman theatre of Mérida. helps you in your travel planning with ideas and recommendations. We do not sell travel, we simply provide the best recommendations.

The vacation itinerary from Madrid to Seville

Spend 2-3 days in Madrid

Madrid city guide

Madrid is the capital and most populous city of Spain. The city has almost 3.3 million inhabitants but the entire metropolitan area gets to a population of approximately 6.5 million. It is a vibrant city, where art and fun co-exist. In this Madrid city guide you will find ideas to plan your trip and make the most out of it.

Spend 2 days to enjoy Avila, Segovia and nearby gems

Top 14 Segovia tourist attractions

Segovia city guide with recommended list of hotels, restaurants, places to visit, weather, prices, monuments, things to see and do and much more

Segovia city guide with recommended list of hotels, restaurants, places to visit, weather, prices, monuments, things to see and do and much more

Stop in Trujillo, land of Conquistadores

Trujillo, caceres, Spain

This picturesque town lies on a granite hill and is the birthplace of Fråncisco Pizarro (1475-1541), conqueror of Peru. Despite its size and importance Trujillo is a hidden gem for many visitors to Spain.
Trujillo, the Roman Turgalium, was fortified under the Arabs (town walls have survived in part) and given the name Torgiela or Truxillo. After the town was recaptured under Ferdinand III in 1232 it became the seat of the Trujillo Order of Knights.

Dedicate at least one day to Mérida, the "little Rome"

Mérida, also known as the Spanish Rome, was a stage on the silver road from Salmatica (Salamanca) to Italica (Seville). The name of the town is derived from the Roman Emerita Augusta, for it was founded as a colony for veterans of the V and X legions in around 23 BC. This city in Extremadura is a must do for art and history lovers who will enjoy every minute at the Theatre and Amphiteatre, the castle, acueduct, bridge or museum. Merida is a great stop on the way from Madrid to Seville

Spend 2 days in Seville

Seville city guide thumb

The variety and quality of the artistic heritage in the city of Seville, the mixture of styles, eras and civilizations, and the special color of this city makes it an unforgettable place. White streets and squares, flamenco dancing, the river Guadalquivir and the Cathedral and Giralda are just a few of the reasons why Seville should be in your list!

Insider´s hints

More itinerary ideas in Spain

Pathway to san juan de gaztelugatxe or dragonstone from game of thrones

North of Spain itinerary

The North of Spain offers a deep contrast with the Mediterranean and the south of the country. In this itinerary through the Northern part of Spain, we have also included Barcelona to ensure you get to enjoy one of Spain´s most amazing cities and all the connections it offers. Get ready to enjoy sublime landscames and gastronomye, beautiful beaches and some of Spain´s top secrets in this 2 weeks itinerary in Spain

Barcelona, Madrid and Andalusia itinerary

This itinerary in Spain is one of the best introductions to the country. We have put together this itinerary so you could reduce driving by connecting Madrid and Barcelona with high speed train. The itinerary takes you to some of the most seductive sights in Spain and it is full of highlights. From Roman ruins to medieval cities, beaches, amazing gastronomy and architecture that will take you to different cultures. The itinerary covers some of the most famous cities of Spain like Madrid, Granada Seville or Barcelona) but also adds many hidden gems and off the beaten track routes. One of the best itinerary options to enjoy Spain in less than 2 weeks.

Torre del Oro 8.5 rating

Madrid and Seville vacation

Madrid and Seville show very different faces of Spain. This simple 4 day itinerary in Spain connects these two fantastic cities by train in a simple, hassle free way. With this itinerary you will enjoy Madrid art galleries, its squares, Royal palace and vibrant nightlife, and combine it with the magic of Seville: flamenco dance and music, fantastic architecture influenced by the Moors, and the romantic Barrio de Santa Cruz. One of the best 4-day itineraries you can put together in Spain without driving!

Madrid city guide

Barcelona to Madrid vacation

Madrid and Barcelona are Spain´s top two cities. Both cities offer countless things to do and see, no matter your travel style. With this simple 4 day itinerary in Spain you will be able to start your trip at either city and enjoy a n easy connection using the high speed train. If you want to enjoy top art museums like the Prado, Gaudi´s amazing architecture, tapas and some of the best food markets in Europe, endless nightlife, great shopping, two of the worlds best soccer teams and the beach (amongst many other highlights) this is a perfect Spain short itinerary for you!