Verum – Tapas Bar & Restaurant – El Asador de Málaga – Review 

Verum is a Castilian style asador (similar to a steak house), located just outside of downtown Málaga. They feature an authentic Castilian wood oven.

The oven is fed exclusively with oak, giving the meats and other dishes that go through a unique flavor.

The specialties are lamb and roast pig, but everything on the menu is top-notch, in fact, he boasts several awards for their “ensaladilla rusa” (Russian salad). Definitely worth the ride.

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Location of Verum 

This restaurant is 10 minutes (by car) from downtown Málaga. You have to drive down the coast, eastbound and you will find Verum in the Parque Morlaco neighborhood of Málaga, a more residential area. As a point of reference, if you are traveling from the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro, it will take you 10 minutes by car to get there. 

Menu of Verum 

This restaurant was born with the mission of recovering the traditional flavors of Spanish cuisine that have been forgotten or lost over the centuries. The way they try to achieve this I through their traditional ovens, the quality of their meats, the freshness of their Almadraba tuna, the quality of their produce, and with their top-notch wines.

The stand-out feature of Verum is their traditional Castillian oven powered exclusively by oak wood. This very special oven is responsible for creating the restaurant’s best dishes such as the Aranda-style suckling lamb from Castilla, the Segovian suckling pig, or any of its grilled meats. As if that were not enough, it is the perfect place to have tapas with a good bottle of wine or homemade vermouth. 

Value for money – Verum

Verum is on the more expensive side of the spectrum. However, it is one of the top restaurants in all of Málaga, and the setting is as charming and as traditional as it gets. Keep in mind that they specialize in Castillian cuisine, but if you try this type of cooking, do not hesitate. 

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