Velella restaurant in Seville – Review

Valella, slightly outside the city center of Seville, offers some serious bang for your buck food that is hard to beat, especially if you are on a budget. The menu consists of homemade Andalusian classics made with care. If you are in the area, and especially if you arent looking to break the bank eating out, head on over.

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Location of Velella 

Velella is just outside of Seville’s old quarter, just across the Triana bridge. This traditional Andalusian tavern is right across the river from the famous Maestranza bullfighting ring. If you are staying in Seville’s old town, Velella is a bit out of the way, but it may be worth your time to check it out. 

Menu of Velella  

The restaurant is a traditional Andalusian tavern, which means you will find all sorts of cñassic tapas and raciones. Everything from croquettes and “huevos rotos” to grilled octopus and scallops. Velella only uses the freshest ingredients to create their delicious, homemade, no-nonsense dishes. 

Velella is a family restaurant that is immediately palpable in the ambiance and laid-back nature of the establishment. 

Value for money – Velella

Velella is one of the better “bang for your buck” restaurants in the center of Seville. If you are in the mood for tapas and for a taste of traditional Andalusian cuisine, Velella is a good option. 

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