The  Natural Park of Teno is for many people the most beautiful area in Tenerife. Over 8,000 hectares of nature with just a few hamlets scattered here and there, it offers the perfect escape from mass touristic resorts. As in the case of the Agana park in the northeast side of Tenerife, Teno provides fantastic hiking opportunities and enjoying a bit of “real” island life

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Teno park – what to expect

Hiking is the reason why visitors arrive to Teno everyday. This area is a bit isolated and cars are not allowed in certain parts of it, which increases its protection and charm. Ravines, barrancos and laurel forest are found in Teno, and for those seeking solitude, you will for sure also find one or two good spots to feel just by yourself.

We will cover our favourite hikes in Teno and provide with recommendations to prepare for your day. 

Teno or Alto Teno village

Teno, also known as Teno alto, is a tiny village which provides with a very good image of how live in Tenerfie was one century ago. It is very easy to imagine how the more touristic Masca was before it was chosen as a cultural stop for many visitors to the island.
Teno is more difficult to access. It is located 9 kilometers away from El Palmar and driving is tiresome. Some quaint houses, a couple of bars, and a small and nice church await you. if you drive to Teno you will be able to rent bikes or hike all the way to Punta de Teno. Cars are not permitted most of the day. Another option is to take a guagua (bus)

Punta de Teno lighthouse

The natural area of Teno is probably the most isolated spot in Tenerife. Not all routes are marked and it makes sense to get your day organised beforehand. Punta de Teno it located at the north-west of the island and it is a magical place: the volcanic rocks and cliffs and the deep blue ocean water contrast with the white and red colours of the Punta de Teno lighthouse. The Gigantes cliffs on the south contribute to the overall beauty of this place.

When is best to visit Punta de Teno?

The ideal time to be at Punta de Teno is at dusk since the views are fantastic. But anytime during the day, you will enjoy an overall great experience. We would recommend however not to go on rainy or windy days to avoid any problem with possible rock falls

Recommended trek in Teno par: Carrizales trek

4 kilometers. 1,5 hours

Map of the trek in wikiloc

This is an area of Tenerife which has very little in common with the crowded resorts in the south of the island. This area was dedicated to agriculture through any harvesting here is a very complicated task. Such labor intensive reality plus the low yields made most people abandoned the area in the 1960s and 1970s at a time in which the island started to develop. Cereals, lentils, chick-peas and beans are still cultivated at some spots but the natural vegetation has grown back in most areas. 

This trek is easy to follow and perfect if you feel like enjoy a small adventure. Your prize: fantastic landscapes with stunning views of cliffs that plummet down to the coast. The walk of Los Carrizales is an out-and-back one so you will come back the same way you take to get to its end. But we believe the scenery is so splendid that this should not pose a problem. 

To access the trek you will need to arrive at Los Carrizales (on the road between the village of Masca and Teno) Leave the car in the village since the walk starts some 100 meters before the village (from Masca).  You will need to climb a bit at the beginning though the path becomes more demanding when you reach La Roque Barbita. Get ready to enjoy dramatic views of the ravine, with the cliffs and the ocean at the bottom at the end of the path.

Other natural areas and treks in Tenerife

Path in the forest of Anaga Tenerife

Anaga natural park in Tenerife

The Parque de Anaga is located in the northeast of the island, at 30 minutes drive from Santa Cruz de Tenerife (at 30 minutes drive).

teide national park

Teide national park

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