Taberna Séneca in Cordoba – Review

Taberna Seneca, located in the heart of Córdoba’s old quarter is a very traditional Andalusian tavern that serves up all delicious homemade classics you would expect from a Cordobés tavern. Everything about Taberna Seneca in simple and unassuming: the decor, the location, the menu itself. They serve homemade traditional Cordobés tapas and rations. A truly authentic experience.

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Location of Taberna Séneca 

This traditional restaurant is located in one of the most authentic parts of the Córdobas old quarter. It is very close to the cities Archeological Museum and to many other of the cities top attractions. The restaurant is also very close to the Mezquita and the Real Alcazar, just about 10 minutes on foot.  

If you are looking for a traditional Andalusian tavern close to the cities main attractions, Séneca is a great option. 

Menu of Taberna Séneca 

The restaurant serves traditional Andalusian cuisine and nothing else. All you will find here are delicious, simple, crowd-pleasing dishes meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family. 

They serve everything you would expect from an authentic Southern Spanish tavern: fried squid, samorejo, croquettes, fried eggplant with honey, Iberico ham, flamenquines, … you name it, they have it. The perfect food to enjoy with an ice-cold beer in hand. 

Value for money – Taberna Séneca 

If you are looking for traditional Andalusian cuisine, this is one of the better options you can find in Córdoba’s old town. Taberna Séneca serves some of the tastiest tapas and rations at a great price. 

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