Taberna Puerta Sevilla – Review

In the area of the old Alcázar, in the heart of Córdoba, we find perhaps one of the most beautiful and authentic eateries in the city.

They serve traditional, homemade, Cordobés dishes made to perfection.

If there is any way you can get seated in their interior patio, it’s worth the effort.

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Location of Taberna Puerta Sevilla 

Taberna Puerta Sevilla is located in the heart of Córdobas historic city center. It is closest to the Puerta de los Sacos and the impressive Real Alcazar. It is also within walking distance from the magical Mezquita and the spectacular Roman Bridge and the Calahorra Tower

Menu of Taberna Puerta Sevilla 

This restaurant serves very traditional Southern Spanish dishes and some classic Cordobés specialties. the recipes and preparations are simple and delicious and use only the highest quality ingredients. You will find everything from classic rabo de toro, to salmorejo, to fried eggplant with honey. 

The dining area is set in a traditional Cordobés interior patio lined with beautiful ceramics and flowers. One of the best traditional restaurants in the cities old quarter.

Value for money – Taberna Puerta de Sevilla

This restaurant is a great option value-wise if you are looking for a traditional Andalusian meal in a beautiful and authentic setting. 

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