Al Sur Bar y Tapas – review

Close to the Plaza de España in Seville, in the Porvenir neighborhood, we find Al Sur Bar y Tapas, which serves seasonal, traditional Andalusian dishes. Sur Bar y Tapas takes inspiration from traditional Andalusian recipes to develop their own, slightly updated version of the classics. The restaurant itself is elegant and laid back and features an extensive wine menu. If you are in the area, it is well worth a try.

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Location of Al Sur Bar y Tapas 

Al Sur Bar y Tapas is located in the famous Porvenir neighborhood in the center of Seville. It is close to many of the cities main attractions, but it is closest to the iconic Plaza de España.  

Menu of Al Sur Bar y Tapas  

The restaurant serves traditional Mediterranean and Andalusian dishes. They specialize in tapas and rations that are made to share.

Tapas at Al Sur Bar y Tapas are slightly more modern than you might expect but retain all the essence of traditional Andalusian tapas. You will find everything from fresh seafood to charcuterie plates.

Value for money – Al Sur Bar y Tapas 

As tapas joints go in Seville, Al Sur Bar y Tapas is on the pricier end. That being said they offer a more modern and elegant tapas experience.  

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