Restaurante Parador de Málaga Golf – Review

The Restaurante Parador de Málaga Golf, slightly south of Málaga, almost reaching Torremolinos and its restaurant is definitely worth a try.

The dining room enjoys views of the course and the mediterranean sea.

The restaurant is elegant and sophisticated as is the food.

They serve traditional Andalusian cuisine, presented in its most elegant form.

Its somewhat out of the way if you are visiting the center of Málaga, but if you are in the area, this is a great choice.

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Location of Restaurante Parador de Málaga Golf

The restaurant is located about 15 minutes south of downtown Málaga. As a point of reference, it takes 14 minutes by car to get from the spectacular Alcazaba to the restaurant, 

Even though the location isn’t exactly convenient, the Parador and the restaurant enjoy a spectacular natural setting, right next to the beach.

Menu of Restaurante Parador de Málaga Golf

The Parador Málaga Golf restaurant specialized in traditional Malagueño cuisine in an idyllic setting. Standard-bearers of Andalusian gastronomy, among its most famous dishes you will find delicious seafood stews, fried fish from Malaga, artisanal tocinillo de cielo or the exciting French toast bread with cane honey.

Value for money – Restaurante Parador de Málaga Golf

There are more inexpensive options to be found than the Restaurante Parador de Málaga Golf in the city. However, if you take into account the natural setting and the quality of the food, the value is there. You may want to save this option for a romantic day trip. 

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