Puerta de Bisagra in Toledo

The Puerta de Bisagra in Toledo is one of the gates of the City. It is the most famous Gate of the city and one of the top attractions of Toledo. The Gate of Bisagra, also known as the “New Gate” was first known as Bab al Sagra, a Muslim name that means Gate of Sagra (Sagra being an area outside of Toledo). 

The Gate is located in the Northern part of the old city of Toledo, in an area not surrounded by the Tagus river. In 1540 construction was initiated to renovate this Gate. At that time, Charles I was King of Spain. The renovation was managed by the famous architect Alonso de Covarrubias, who was responsible for many projects in Castilla and also in Toledo (like the chapel of the Kings in the Cathedral Primada of Toledo). The renovation ended in 1576 and the structure at that time was similar to that of today.

The Gate was used for a long time as the point to collect taxes to the City. The Gate of Bisagra has been the main entrance point to Toledo for centuries and cars continued to use it today. In 1931 a number of buildings that were next to the Gate were taken down to prevent damage to the Gate.

While you walk through the Gate of Bisagra it makes sense to imagine artisans and merchants that arrived from outside the Wal-city and led towards Zoquodover square, where the main market was located.

This city gate is flanked by a projecting square tower.  Two semicircular towers surround the main gate. The Gate of Bisagra contains the Coat of arms of Charles I

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