Playa la Caleta 

Playa La Caleta is located in the spectacular city of Cádiz and it is its most emblematic beach. It reflects the heartbeat of the city and the idiosyncrasy of the neighborhood that lays just behind it, La Viña, the epicenter of the city’s Carnaval celebration. 

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About Playa La Caleta 

Its ideal location protects it from the strong Levante winds which make beach-going uncomfortable in other areas of Cádiz. The beach is perfect for families, with calm waters and soft golden sand. 

The beach is 500 meters long and 50 meters wide and extremely lively. There is never a shortage of locals enjoying the sand and rare is the occasion when you won’t find street musicians serenading beach-goers with their guitars. 

Overlooking the beach is a beautiful and recognizable building. An opulent, Victorian building, the old Spa of La Palma y el Real is the centerpiece of the beach.

This scene is so beautiful in fact, La Caleta is one of the sites in Spain that has been featured prominently in a Hollywood movie. You may remember a scene from 007: Die Another Day, when Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) watches Halle Berry (Jynx Johnson) swim in the ocean. Brosnan was seated in the Spa and Berry was on Caleta Beach.

Also, one of the wings of this building is home to the Center for Underwater Archeology, which preserves a myriad of treasures that had been lost at sea.

Two different castles overlook the beach. La Caleta has always been an important strategic site of the Mediterranean Coast. Santa Catalina Castle, to the north and San Sebastián Castle to the south. Overlooking the beach is the University of Cádiz’s business school, founded in 1903. 

How to get to Playa La Caleta?

Most of the streets of the La Viña neighborhood are pedestrian and many others do not have parking. Therefore, it is always a good idea to leave your car in the parking lot next to Campo de las Balas or the one behind the Genovés Park, both just a short hop from the beach.

Also, Line 2 and Line 7 of urban buses run through a good part of the Cadiz capital and stop right in front of La Caleta.


What to do near Playa La Caleta?

Of course, sunbathing, taking a dip, or simply taking a nap on this amazing beach is probably first on the list but visiting the castles is a great option if you want to site-see. Also, you can head on over to Genovés Park to cool off in the shade or visit the humid grotto with dinosaur sculptures.

Genoves park cadiz

But if you get tired of the sand your best option is to get lost down the narrow streets of the La Viña neighborhood and visit the charming Plaza el Tío de la Tiza. 

La Vaña neighbourhood Cádiz

Where to eat near Playa La Caleta? 

Enjoying some tapas near La Caleta is a pretty unique experience. The La Viña neighborhood has a high number of bars, taverns, and restaurants, so you should have no problem finding great places for a bite to eat. 

Right on the beach, you should find Bar Club Caleta, which offers some excellent fresh seafood and a variety of grilled meats which are simply excellent. Also worth a try is Quilla, which also offers top-notch food and an inviting and relaxing ambiance that is hard to beat. 

When to visit Playa La Caleta? 

Cádiz is a city that can be visited at any time of the year. It offers beach-worthy weather from mid-spring to well into fall, although of course summer is its peak season and it can get very crowded.

The rest of the year you might not be able to enjoy the beach but it is worth taking a walk through the sand, sitting down to enjoy the waves, or walking the Paseo Fernando Quiñones.

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Q What city is close to Playa La Caleta?

Cádiz is the closest city to the beach

Q What do red, yellow or green flags mean in the Spanishes beaches?

A green flag indicates that it is safe to bathe in the beach
A yellow flag does indicate however that bathing is not forbidden, but that caution is needed
A red flag indicates that bathing is forbidden.
Black flags are very rarely used and they indicate that the beach is closed. This would only happen in case of natural disaster for instance-

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