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Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria


Playa del Inglés one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain

Playa del Inglés is one of the most famous tourist beaches on the island of Gran Canaria. Located in the south of the island, La Playa del Inglés spans over almost three kilometers of golden sand and calm warm waters.

La Playa del Inglés is very close to the Natural Reserve of the Dunes of Maspalomas and there is a multitude of hotels and tourist apartments in the area.

You will find all sorts of activities for the whole family in the area and a bunch of spaces dedicated to sports like volleyball or beach soccer. A unique place to enjoy the perfect beach vacation with your family.

As the beach joins the Punta de Maspalomas, it becomes wilder and less children-friendly but it becomes a great surfing spot of great natural value. 

Playa del Inglés

What is Playa del Inglés like? 

Playa del Inglés is part of the municipality of ​​Maspalomas. This area of southern Gran Canaria is a well-known tourist destination with plenty of excellent hotels, restaurants, and nightlife options available. 

The Playa del Inglés is about three kilometers long, and about 100 meters wide which means that there is plenty of real estate available for all beach-goers. Its fine golden sand and calm waters have made it one of the most popular beaches in the Canary Islands and the entire country for that matter.

Before becoming such an important tourist destination during the 1930’s, the area was an agricultural space, dedicated to growing barley and wheat. Today, Playa del Inglés is a magnet for European tourists, who flock to the area all year round looking to enjoy the amazing weather.

Playa del Inglés – a premium LGBT destination

Between 15 and 20 percent of the tourists who visit Playa del Inglés a year belong to the LGBT community, a number that has been on the rise since the 1970’s.

The natural beauty and friendly and accepting nature of the locals make La Playa del Inglés a preferred destination. The south of Gran Canaria offers sixteen “LGBT exclusive” accommodation complexes, the majority of which are located in this area.

The history of gay tourism in the south of Gran Canaria dates back to 1978, when “Jeans”, the first gay bar in the area. The opening of the Yumbo Shopping Center marked another milestone in the history of gay tourism in Gran Canaria. The C.C. Yumbo Centrum is the largest gay shopping center in Europe for leisure aimed at this group.

Playa del Inglés beach area 

The beach offers an area exclusively for nudists and there are several areas for sports activities, in the sea and on the sand. Beach volleyball and beach soccer championships are held, and every so often there are concerts held on the beach.

But la Playa del Inglés is most famous for being an excellent family beach. The weather is either perfect or close to perfect all year round. There is little wind, the waves are gentle and the water is warm usually oscillating between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius on average, making it a very safe beach for children.

Slightly down the coast near the Punta de Maspalomas, the water gets choppier and is a favorite spot for local surfers and kitesurfers and there are several schools for these sports.

Surfing at the Playa del Inglés

Playa del Inglés is among the main destinations for wave-searching surfers on the island. It is a great spot because of the quality of the breakers or the swells of the Atlantic.

The best spots for surfing in the area are at the point that separates Playa del Inglés from Maspalomas, and the waters near the Maspalomas Lighthouse.

Ecumenical temple of Playa del Inglés 

Due to the variety of nationalities that come to Playa del Inglés to enjoy their vacations or even to reside there, churches of all kinds of religions have been built in the area.

The Ecumenical Temple de San Salvador stands out because of its unique architecture, and its wonderful stained glass windows (and the symbolism that is contained in them). 

The temple is located in the Plaza de Maspalomas:

he same square is also home to the stage for the official acts and main shows of the Maspalomas Carnival.




Maspalomas Carnival

Between the end of February and mid-March, Maspalomas Costa Canaria, the municipality in which Playa del Inglés is included, becomes one of the main sites where the Carnival is celebrated. For over a week, rondallas, murgas, and troupes roam the streets, playing music and dancing until the sun goes down. 


Maspalomas Space Station

In addition to all the tourist attractions and the beautiful coastline, there is a vibrant scientific community. The Maspalomas space station, operated by INTA in cooperation with INSA, collaborates with different organizations and space agencies on multiple missions.

These organizations include ESRIN, JAXA, ESOC, EUMETSAT, HISPASAT and HISDESAT. This center specializes in satellite control and monitoring operations and is part of the launch support network of the European Space Agency.

Fun fact: on July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong first stepped onto the moon’s surface for the first time. The first station that received the astronauts’ voices was Maspalomas, now called the Canary Islands Space Center.


Where is La Playa del Inglés?

As we have mentioned, La Playa del Inglés is located in the south of the Island of Gran Canaria, about a half-an-hour from the capital of Las Palmas

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