Playa de Poo Beach

This Asturian beach has an odd beauty. Located next to the Vallina river outlet, the beach is shaped like a funnel, and surrounded by green hills, making it so that the ocean isn’t visible from the beach during the low tide.

The water that filters inland and bathes this unusual beach is calm and has hardly any waves, making it ideal for families with kids. This beach is quite popular, so you better wake up early to get a nice spot. The beach is at 5 minutes by car from the beautiful Asturian town of Llanes and 15 minutes drive from Gulpiyuri beach

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How to get to Poo beach?

Poo beach is located neat the famous village of Llanes. The beach of Poo is at one kilometer from the village of Poo which is located 2 kilometers west of Llanes. Getting to the beach of Poo from Llanes will take you no more than five minutes. There is a small parking on the beach. Charges may apply to park during the summer season. It takes some eight minutes to walk from Poo to the beach.

Poo beach – Things to do

During the high tide, the beach of Poo becomes one of the safest possible beaches in Northern Spain for children. The water from the sea penetrates the rock channel and forms a safe pool of up to 150 meters long: a children´s paradise with no waves!

From the beach of Poo there is a small path that provides with the opportunity to admire an interesting (though short)w walk. It starts from the right end of the beach and you will be able to admire the nearby cliffs and also up to four small islets. Beautiful landscape and picture opportunities!

Showers are available at Poo beach, but not much more. You should make sure you bring water and some food. You will be able to find restaurants and bars in Poo. 

Where to stay near Poo beach?

The most logical option is to stay in Llanes where you will find services, restaurants, and a good Asturian atmosphere.

our favorite hotel in the area is the Sablon hotel. It offers breathtaking views of the sea and the beach nearby. It is a bit outdated, yet charming and offers a good breakfast. There are other more luxurious options but we believe the views at Sablon are too good to be missed. 


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Q Which city is close to PLAYA DE POO?

Gijón is the closest city to the beach

Q What do red, yellow or green flags mean in the Spanishes beaches?

A green flag indicates that it is safe to bathe in the beach
A yellow flag does indicate however that bathing is not forbidden, but that caution is needed
A red flag indicates that bathing is forbidden.
Black flags are very rarely used and they indicate that the beach is closed. This would only happen in case of natural disaster for instance-

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