Oyambre beach is located in Cantabria and we have included it in our selection with our most recommended beaches in Northern Spain.

Between the municipalities of Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera, near the Parque Natural de Oyambre, you will find one of the best beaches in Cantabria.

The beach of Oyambre is part of the natural reserve of Oyambre, which obtained this status in 1988. This natural reserve occupies an extension of 196 hectares and consists of five different ecosystems (cliffs, sea beaches, inland beaches, estuaries of San Vicente and La Rabia, and the dunes) The diversity of ecosystems explains the diversity of flora and fauna located in this relatively small piece of land.

The beach of Oyambre occupies two kilometers of white sand and dunes and spectacular natural beauty makes this beach a must if you are in the area.

The beach offers golden sand, perfect to relax. You can expect mid-sized waves (which makes this a good beach to initiate yourself in surfing) and it offers many services, including toilettes, showers, restaurants and bars. 

In winter, this tranquil beach becomes a surf hot spot and is considered as a top surfing beach in Northern Spain.

How to get to Oyambre beach?

Oyambre beach is located 40 kilometers from the city of Santander in Cantabria (one of the most elegant cities in Spain) and also at some 40 kilometers from the National park of Picos de Europa, one of Spain´s most important national parks and also amongst the richest in terms of the variety of the Spanish animals that are found inside the park. 

Our recommendation to get to Oyambre beach is to get there from San Vicente de la Barquera. The other option would be to arrive from Comillas. This makes more sense if you are driving from Bilbao or Santander. However, if you get from San Vicente de la Barquera you will enjoy the national park of Oyambre on your way. 

Where to stay near Oyambre beach?

Unless you stop at Oyambre beach during a road trip in Northern Spain (arriving from Santander for instance) what makes more sense if you would like to spend a bit of time in this fantastic area is to either select Comillas or San Vicente de la Barquera. Both towns are an excellent choice. 

Hotels in both San Vicente de la Barquera and Comillas offer in average good quality and value for money, However, if you are looking for something really special we would recommend the hotel el Molino de Bonaco, an amazing place where you will be able to relax and stay at a fantastic environment. 


Activities near this beach

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Q Which city is close to PLAYA DE OYAMBRE?

Santander is the closest city to the beach

Q What do red, yellow or green flags mean in the Spanishes beaches?

A green flag indicates that it is safe to bathe in the beach
A yellow flag does indicate however that bathing is not forbidden, but that caution is needed
A red flag indicates that bathing is forbidden.
Black flags are very rarely used and they indicate that the beach is closed. This would only happen in case of natural disaster for instance-

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