Playa de Los Muertos 

Playa de Los Muertos beach is a large stretch of completely straight beach that is more than a kilometer long and has some of the clearest blue water you will find in the amazing region of Andalucía.

This little slice of paradise has a somewhat terrifying past as we will see further on, but this beautiful beach still consistently pops up on all the lists of the best beaches in Spain.

It is also one of the more secluded beaches you will find as it is kilometers away from both Agua Amarga and Carboneras (the nearest towns).

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About the Playa de Los Muertos

Playa de Los Muertos, or the beach of the dead, gets its ominous name because, back in the day, when maritime travel wasn’t as safe as it is today, bodies would consistently wash up on the shore of this particular beach.

Gruesome history aside,  The beach is spectacular with pebbly sand, that gets finner and finner the closer you get to the water. 

The beach is 800 meters long and isn’t your traditional fine golden sand beach but it feels great underfoot and washes off much more easily. 

The water is truly stunning. The shore is uneven at points and drops off steeply, so this beach isn’t the best for kids, but it is simply gorgeous. 

On days with bad weather, the waters can become choppy and the waves can get pretty strong so, if you were planning on swimming, make sure you go on a nice day.

playa de los muertos sunset

All this being said, this beach really does feel like a tropical island lost in the middle of a vast ocean. The beautiful surroundings, the secluded setting, and the fact that the beach rarely gets crowded make it an ideal place for a romantic getaway.


How to access the beach?

In the summer months, parking costs just  € 5 all day. Now, once you have parked your car, getting to the beach is going to take a bit of effort. There are three pathways you can take:

The first starts at the information point and it is 700 meters with several ups and downs.

The second leaves from the end of the parking area and although it is 100 meters shorter than the first it is much steeper.

The third path is near a popular viewpoint and is made up of some old stone stairs that are quite irregular, so be careful.

Access by sea

Due to the fame that this beach has acquired in recent years, there are some companies that offer a transfer service to the beach by boat from the port of Carboneras. 

Other nearby beaches and coves

Cala del Peñón Cortado

On the right-hand side of the beach, you will see are a couple of huge rocks in the middle of the sand.
Between these boulders, there are about 90 meters of beach that is known as Cala del Peñón Cortado, if you want the ultimate secluded experience. 

Cala de las Salinicas

To the left is the Cala de las Salinicas, a cove with similar characteristics to La Playa de Los Muertos. You can access the cove by sea or on foot.

On foot, take the path that leaves the parking lot towards the viewpoint. After about 500 meters you will be just above Cala de las Salinicas. The path down to the beach is about 200 meters. It is quite steep and with some challenging sections.


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Q What city is close to Playa de Los Muertos?

Carboneras is the nearest town, and the city of Almería is also nearby, about an hour away by car

Q What do red, yellow or green flags mean in the Spanishes beaches?

A green flag indicates that it is safe to bathe in the beach
A yellow flag does indicate however that bathing is not forbidden, but that caution is needed
A red flag indicates that bathing is forbidden.
Black flags are very rarely used and they indicate that the beach is closed. This would only happen in case of natural disaster for instance-

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