Playa La Herradura 

Near the magical city of Granada, in the town of La Herradura, and part of the municipality of Almuñécar, there is one of the best beaches of all of Andalucía: Playa de la Herradura. It is a large urban beach, with dark sand and calm crystal clear water.



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About Playa La Herradura

The tranquil waters of Playa La Herradura make it ideal for families or if you’re just looking to lay back and relax. The beach is over 2000 meters long and 40 meters wide, so even if the beach gets crowded, there is always enough space for everyone. The surrounding mountains make for a stunning backdrop and protect the beach from the wind contributing to the sense of tranquility, and to the subtropical climate, the area enjoys. 

What to do at Playa la Herradura? 

La Herradura Beach has all types of activities that everyone can enjoy. It has a wide promenade, walkways to the beach, beach bars, a play area for the younger beach-goers, and numerous companies that provide water sport activities.

If you’re just looking to kick back and chill, there is also the possibility of renting hammocks and umbrellas during the day.

If you are looking for a more adventurous experience, diving is, without a doubt, the star activity at Playa La Herradura.

The area enjoys a great richness of marine flora and fauna as the area is a protected natural habitat. There are many amazing places to scuba dive in Spain, but the pleasant temperatures throughout the year and the clarity of its waters, make this beach a favorite destination for divers. In addition to diving, you can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle surfing.

Near La Herradura beach, you can explore some magnificent natural areas. There are many hiking routes that will take you to the nearby Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara, and Alhama Natural Park.


Where to eat?

There are beach bars and restaurants located right on the beach that are well worth your while:

Chambao de Vicente is a classic in the area, you will find this restaurant on the Andrés Segovia promenade, at the foot of the famous Cerro Gordo. The views from here are really spectacular. It has both a terrace and an indoor lounge and a capacity for over 100 people. On summer nights they set up a terrace for drinks on the first floor. Its specialties include piquillo peppers stuffed with seafood, grilled fish, seafood zarzuela, and scrambled eggs with salmon and prawns.

La Esquina de Peña Parda is located at the end of the promenade and with a large covered terrace overlooking the sea and offers traditional Andalusian cuisine. Its menu includes seafood paella, fresh fish, and lamb with avocado with prawns.

Chambao de Joaquín is located right at the beginning of the promenade, at the foot of the beach. It features a lounge area with umbrellas that invite you to spend a few hours enjoying the views, a cold drink in hand. It is one of the oldest establishments in the area. Chambao de Joaquin opened it’s doors in the 50s and stands out because of its peculiar decoration. Its specialty is paella, although grilled meat and fresh fish also stand out. Also, at night, you can enjoy flamenco shows.

Mesón El Tinao. This place opened its doors more than 30 years ago, in 1988. It is also located on the beach and has traditional Alpujarra cuisine. 

Where is La Herradura Beach? 

La Herradura beach belongs to the province of Granada, specifically to the town of La Herradura, in the municipality of Almuñécar. La Herradura is also just one hour from the amazing city of Málaga


How to get to La Herradura beach?

To get to Playa de la Herradura by car, you will have to take route 902 from Granada, joining the A-44 and then the A-7. The Drive from Granada takes approximately 50 minutes.

If, on the other hand, you want to go by public transport, Alsa (a bus company) connects Granada directly to Almuñécar. The bus makes the trip 9 times a day and ticket prices vary between € 3.30 and € 8.45, depending on the date and time you want to leave. The trip lasts an hour and a half.

Once in Almuñécar, there are numerous urban lines that connect the center with different beaches. Line 2 is the one that will leave you in La Herradura beach.

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Q What city is close to Playa La Herradura?

Granada and Málaga are almost the same distance from this beach. Almuñecar is the nearest town

Q What do red, yellow or green flags mean in the Spanishes beaches?

A green flag indicates that it is safe to bathe in the beach
A yellow flag does indicate however that bathing is not forbidden, but that caution is needed
A red flag indicates that bathing is forbidden.
Black flags are very rarely used and they indicate that the beach is closed. This would only happen in case of natural disaster for instance-

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