Picasso Museum Málaga

The Picasso Museum of Málaga is one of two Museums dedicated to Pablo Picasso in Spain. The other is located in the Catalonian city of Barcelona, in the famous Born neighborhood. Pablo Picasso was born in the Andalusian city of Málaga on October 25th, 1881, just a few meters from where his museum now stands.

The museum is home to over 280 original pieces by Picasso that cover the different artistic periods of the painter’s career. The collection shows the different styles, materials, and techniques that Picasso experimented with while developing his unique style and vision.

Particularly interesting is the collection of early works created by a young Pablo Picasso where you can see how he began by dominating a more classic style of painting before he entered cubism.

The Picasso Museum of Málaga is the most visited museum in Andalucía attracting over 600 hundred-thousand visitors annually.

Picasso Museum of Málaga

History of the Picasso Museum


The idea of creating a museum dedicated to Picasso came about thanks to a conversation between the artist and Juan Temboury, the provincial delegate of Fine Arts of Málaga in 1953.

Tembory wrote Picasso a letter requesting the donation of 2 pieces of each technique and period that had made Picasso such a unique artist, to which Picasso responded: “I won’t send two, I will send two trucks filled”

This initial donation was enough to open the first Museum dedicated exclusively to Picasso, however, local authorities denied the donation and the project had to be postponed. 

It wouldn’t be until 1992, thanks to the efforts of Picasso’s oldest son’s widowed wife that the project of creating a Museum for Picasso was brought up again. In 1996 the project was approved and the museum finally opened its doors in 2003 after 7 years of collecting and curating a wide variety of works by the artist. 

Palace of the Counts of  Buenavista

The Palace of the Counts of Buenavista is the amazing building in which the Picasso Museum is housed.

The palace was ordered to be built in 1530 by Diego de Cazalla, the cities governor. The palace was built in the style of renaissance and was one the most important Civil Buildings of the city.

It features two stories and a beautiful interior patio and had already been repurposed as an art museum. in 1950 it became the Fine Arts Museum of Málaga. 

How long Should I stay at the Picasso Museum of Málaga? 

At the very least you should set aside 2 hours to properly experience the whole collection. If you are a big Picasso fan, 2 hours will probably not be enough. 

Where to eat near the Picasso Museum of Málaga? 

The Museum is located in the heart of Málaga’s old quarter, so there is no shortage of nice places to eat, but there are also a number of tourist traps you want to avoid. Here are our guides top picks near the museum: 


Picasso – Málaga

Why we recommend Picasso? This restaurant is appropriately located right net to the Picasso Museum in the center of Málaga. They serve up a variety

Where is the Museum? 

The museum, as we have mentioned is located in the heart of Málaga’s historic city center, within walking distance of many of the cities main attractions, and just 20 minutes on foot from Malagueta beach

Video tour of the Picasso Museum

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