Peko Peko Tapas in Seville

Peko Peko is one of the most popular places in Sevilla for tapas for a reason. Located in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood, Peko Peko serves Andalusian / Peruvian fusion tapas. They feature all the classic tapas you would expect in a Sevillano tapas bar and a few you might not. They feature a top-notch wine menu as well, to choose the perfect bottle to pair with your meal. The restaurant is cozy and inviting and even has a small outdoor terrace if you would like to enjoy your meal

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When we describe a restaurant as “fine dining” we refer to restaurants in which you can expect a formal atmosphere and great attention to details (menu, service, wine list, etc.)


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Q Which dishes are typical from Seville?

There are no specific dishes that we can say are typically "sevillanos". But being the capital of Andalusia, Seville is a melting point for all good local andalusian dishes. Soldaditos de Pavia (strips of battered cod), gazpacho, cazon en adobon (marinated fried fish) and others can be found at most bars

Q How much shoudl I tip at this restaurant?

There is no precise rule as to how much to tip in Spain. Spaniards only tip if they consider the service to be good. A 5% is normally considered a good tip. Having said this, some local waiters know tourists tip more than local Spaniards do and may expect more from foreigners.

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