Peko Peko Tapas in Seville

Peko Peko is one of the most popular places in Sevilla for tapas for a reason. Located in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood, Peko Peko serves Andalusian / Peruvian fusion tapas. They feature some of the classic tapas you would expect in a Sevillano tapas bar and a few you might not ceviche, Peruvian noodles, yucka… They feature a top-notch wine menu as well, to choose the perfect bottle to pair with your meal. The restaurant is cozy and inviting and even has a small outdoor terrace if you would like to enjoy your meal.

You will also be able to enjoy south American-style cocktails (piscos) but don´t worry, in case you fancy and feel like for a sangria night, you will also be able to enjoy it! 

Overall quality is good and the restaurant offers good value for money in the area of Santa Cruz.

Service is fast and professional. They have tables on the terrace (the restaurant is located in a small, rather intimate alley). 


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Style of this restaurant

Peko Peko is an informal restaurant where you can enjoy fusion food. Tapas and Peruvian recipes go hand in hand here. 

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Q Which attractions are near restaurant Peko Peko Tapas

Q Which dishes are typical from Seville?

There are no specific dishes that we can say are typically "sevillanos". But being the capital of Andalusia, Seville is a melting point for all good local andalusian dishes. Soldaditos de Pavia (strips of battered cod), gazpacho, cazon en adobon (marinated fried fish) and others can be found at most bars

Q How much shoudl I tip at this restaurant?

There is no precise rule as to how much to tip in Spain. Spaniards only tip if they consider the service to be good. A 5% is normally considered a good tip. Having said this, some local waiters know tourists tip more than local Spaniards do and may expect more from foreigners.

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