This Cervantes park in Barcelona is located in Diagonal Avenue and is a must for people who love roses – the most romantic flower from nature. Parc de Cervantes preserves the biggest rose garden in Barcelona and it is without a doubt the best place in Barcelona to enjoy roses.  With over 10.000 rose bushes and 2.000 different kinds of species, the park is a true paradise for roses´lovers. The perfect moment to visit this romantic place is between May and June because they are the months when the roses bloom (approximately 150.000 flowers!).

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Parks History

This wonderful park is situated in the Pedralbes district of Barcelona, slight outside of this city’s downtown area. 

The park was designed by Lluís Riudor i Carol, then director of the Barcelona Municipal Park and Garden Service.

The park opened its doors in 1965, and its big claim to fame is its impressive variety of different varieties of rose bushes. Cervantes Park features about 11,000 rose bushes of some 245 different varieties.

The Mediterranean climate of Barcelona allows the roses to remain in bloom practically from April to November, although between May and June they reach the zenith in their flowering, which gives this park a singular beauty.

Every year a contest for new roses is held in this park, which are baptized with different names by their creators.

The park also has several grassy areas and small groves where you can kick back and relax, as well as a children’s play area, ping-pong tables, and a picnic area. 

Cervantes Park Bamboo Rose 

There is one very special rose bush in Cervantes Park. In 2011, as a gesture of solidarity with Japan, and in memory of the victims of the tsunami that occurred on March 11 of that year, mayor, Jordi Hereu, accompanied by the Japanese consulate in Barcelona, ​​Hideiro Tsubaki. 

Parks Vegetation

The vegetation is essentially Mediterranean, and in addition to rose bushes, you can see varieties such as oleander, elm Siberian, Tipuana, linden, acacia, Constantinople acacia, holm oak, stone pine,  and Aleppo pine amongst many other species. 

Video Tour of the Park 

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