San Martin Pinario Monastery

This monastery is opposite to the north façade of the Cathedral f Santiago de Compostela. It is the second-largest monastery in Spain after the Monastery of El Escorial near Madrid. This monastery is closely linked to the history of Santiago de Compostela. Built as an oratory in 912, it was extended in 1109 by Gelmirez. For a time, it ruled 32 other monasteries. The complex was extended on several occasions and, as such, is built on different styles. The monastery façade dates back to the 16C. There are three cloisters and a baroque fountain. The monastery accumulated a good amount of wealth during the XV Century, and this enabled the construction of the church.

The impressive tripartite façade bears 15 statues in niches between the columns. Inside there is a splendid high altar retable, which is a stunning example of Galician baroque. The aisles at San Martin Pinario Monastery have fine churrigueresque altars. There is also a remarkable choir.

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