Mercat de Santa Caterina in Barcelona was opened to the public in 1845 as the food market and was built on an old convent. The main highlight of this market is the colourful roof which was built at the beginning of 21st century –the rest of the market is a neoclassic construction–. Mercat de Santa Caterina is located near Barcelona´s cathedral and Ciutadella Park. Inside Mercat de Santa Caterina, you will discover a traditional market with many stands of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, and it is also a good place to appreciate the gastronomy of Catalonia as there are some restaurants in the market where you can eat, but also all the restaurants in the Gothic district.


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Santa Caterina Market

Santa Catalina Market – All you need to know 

The Santa Catalina Market is a food market located in the Sant Pere, Santa Caterina I la Ribera neighborhood of Barcelona. The market was originally built in 1844 and was eventually remodeled in 2005. It is the oldest covered market in the city.

The Santa Catalina market is an isolated building that occupies a block between Avenida Francesc Cambó and the streets of Freixures, Giralt el Pellisser and Colomines. It is very close to the Vía Layetana, the Palau de la Música, Santa María del Mar and the Gothic Cathedral

The market still features its original, neoclassical façade that is made up of a series of undulating arches. In the center of the main archway is the market’s main entrance, formed by two pilasters.  The lateral facades are made up of a series of arches, balustrades, and doors similar to the main entrance. On each side façade, there are three doors and the central one.

The market’s iconic roof is also the result of the update to the building. The roof mimics an undulating, multicolored fabric that covers the original building. The roof is supported by a wooden fence, where the undulations are less pronounced, and by iron beams. 

Why is Santa Caterina Market a good market? 

Santa Caterina is smaller and less well known than other markets in Barcelona, but because of this it is also less crowded and feels more secluded. 

This market is beautiful and offers very quality products, and features several stalls that serve meals and drinks as well that are worth checking out. The Market Bar, as it is called is located within the remains of the convent that once stood in the same place. It is a family-style eatery that always has good homemade food and tapas at a very reasonable price.

Where is the Santa Caterina Market? 

The market is very close to the iconic Palau de la Música Catalana, another essential stop while you are visiting Barcelona. It is also rather close to the cities zoo, and the beautiful Barceloneta marina

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