The San Anton market is once of the most popular food markets in Madrid. It is located so close to gran Via street that it became soon after it was refurbished a top tourist attraction of Spain´s capital.  But San Anton market is located in a district where people actually live and locals enjoy shopping in the market for their fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, or meat. 

There is another market in Madrid with a similar name: the Mercado de Anton Martin. This other market is located in the Lavapies area. It is also a great market and we recommend visiting it, but this guide covers only the Mercado de San Anton in Chueca. 

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San Anton market- visitor guide

Where is the San Anton market located in Madrid?

The San Anton market is located in the Chueca district and it located in Calle Augusto Figueroa. The easiest way to get to the market is on foot or by metro (station Chueca). We would not recommend driving to the market.  

What products can be found at the Mercado de San Anton?

If you like excellent quality products, this is the place for you. On top of it, variety is the word used to describe the market, because you can really find whatever you want: typical fish stands (100% fresh but remember you should not purchase fish on Mondays!), meat, fruit and more.  There is also a large selection of charcuterie and cheeses, which makes it the perfect place to buy traditional Spanish food.

Buying at the market brings pleasure. It is good to go with a bit of time on your hands and take the time to look at all the stands with different prices and products but also to try the best tapas from each and every one.

Are weights displayed in pounds in the San Anton market? Spaniards use kilograms and you will find all products’ prices per kilogram (2,2 pounds). 

Is it worth visiting Mercado de San Anton?

The market is so close to Gran Via that it makes for a perfect stop in your itinerary in Madrid. But this is more than a market! so in case you are hungry we believe this is also a great place for you! 

The market is located in a 5 storey building and only the second floor covers the market. On two more floors you will find a fantastic tapas market with many different stalls opened where you will be able to get food from. Tables are shared among the stalls, so you can decide to buy food from more than one of them! Different regions of Spain are covered. We have reserved the best part of the market for our last comment. 

The terrace in San Anton market

Having read till the end of this short guide comes with a prize. The market of San Anton has an amazing terrace in ist last storey. You will be able to enjoy lunch, coffee or a drink. The terrace offers great views of the center of Madrid. A very romantic place indeed and a great way to end your market experience. 

Guided tours to enjoy the San Anton Market

A small group tour can be a fun way to enjoy the market and also to learn about Spanish food and gastronomy. 

Hotels and restaurants near the San Anton market in Madrid

Kuoco 360 food

Best restaurants in Chueca district in Madrid

Chueca is one of the coolest districts in Madrid.

Located next to Gran Via, the neighborhood is full of shops, restaurants, and bars. The name Chueca is due to the Square at the heart of the district: Plaza de Chueca (there is an underground station with this name). In this article our local team in Madrid has selected the best options to ensure you find a great restaurant for your dinner or meal while you visit or stay in the Chueca district in Madrid.

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