Marídame – Review

Marídame is a very special restaurant in the center of Córdoba. The food is excellent, but the real show-stopper is the rooftop terrace you can dine at that offers spectacular views of the Cordoba Mosque.

While you enjoy the views you may choose amongst a wide variety of top-notch Andalusian homemade classics that do not disappoint. If you are interested in enjoying dining on the rooftop, you better call ahead and make sure a spot is available.

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Location of Marídame 

This beautiful restaurant is located in one of the most picturesque areas of Córdoba. The restaurant is just a few minutes on foot from the world-famous Mezquita, the Real Alcazar, and the Casa de las Cabezas

The traditional and authentic setting is the perfect contrast for the modernized Andalusian cuisine served within. 

Menu of Marídame 

Marídame offers updated traditional Andalusian cuisine. Like most of the traditional food in Spain, Andalusian dishes tend to be simple, made with excellent ingredients, and crowd-pleasing. Marídame puts a modern twist on all your favorite classic Andalusian and Córdobés dishes. 

Value for money – Marídame 

Marídame is definitely not the most inexpensive restaurant in Córdoba. the food is great, and the setting is as charming as possible, but there are cheaper option available. 

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