Mareaviva restaurant in Seville

Mareaviva is an exciting new restaurant in Seville, specializing in beautifully crafted seafood dishes. The restaurant is modern, dimly lit and well decorated with a wide-open dining area. The food is a collection of traditional southern Spanish classics, with their own personal touch. The dishes are meticulously prepared and presented. A great place for modern Spanish cuisine in the heart o Seville.

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Location of Mareaviva

Mareaviva is located in the heart of Seville’s old quarter. It is near most of the cities main attractions, but it is right next to Seville FC’s stadium, the famous Ramon Snachez-Pijuán

Menu of Mareaviva

The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean seafood dishes. They offer the freshest seafood in the city and you can find everything from rice dishes to raw delicacies. 

Value for money – Mareaviva

If you are looking to enjoy a great seafood diner in Seville, Mareaviva is an excellent choice. The menu is very fairly priced considering the quality of the food and the beautiful setting. 

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Q Which dishes are typical from Seville?

Ajoblanco is one of Malaga´s most famous dishes. A cold and refreshing soup, ajoblanco may not be as famous as gazpacho but it is as tasty and healthy as its cousin. Ajoblanco is made with almonds and garlic. Small bit of melon and breadcrumbs are added to the dish. If you are in Malaga around September 2nd you will be able to taste ajoblanco in many different variations since this is the dedicated to ajoblanco in Malaga! Porra Antequerana from the village of Antequera is also a cold soup. It is however thick and with tomatoes as its main ingredients. Unlike gazpacho, la Porra antequerana is usually served as a tapa rather than as a starter. Espeto of Sardines is a fantastic way to taste sardines. A traditional espeto implies to grill the sardines right after they have been taken from the sea. As a matter of fact, a espeto is tradionally roasted in the beach, with a burning firewood (though slowly cooked) . Meatballs in almond sauce. This is a typical tapa you will find at many bars and restaurants in Malaga.

Q How much shoudl I tip at this restaurant?

There is no precise rule as to how much to tip in Spain. Spaniards only tip if they consider the service to be good. A 5% is normally considered a good tip. Having said this, some local waiters know tourists tip more than local Spaniards do and may expect more from foreigners.

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