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Housed within a XIX century palace, which is currently the Hospes Granada los Patos Hotel, we find Los Patos en el Palacio, one of the top gastronomic destinations in the city of Granada. The Hospes hotel chain always pays great attention to gastronomy and their hotel in Granada is no exception. 


The restaurant is located at the premises of the Hospes hotel, a fantastic small palace in the centre of Granada. The restaurant has a terrace and the inside area is very elegant. 


The restaurant specializes in traditional Granadino cuisine. You will find dishes like the traditional pastela or couscous salad, with real Moorish influences, and other dishes which bring fusion with other cuisines of the world.  The kitchen uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients available.

Overall review

The restaurant is elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a romantic dinner.The menu has vegan options and the wine list is good and with wines from different regions of Spain. You can get good recommendations to match your dining options with the wines. 

On the negative side, you will not enjoy the traditional atmosphere nor views at this restaurant, but if you plan to stay more than one night in Granada it is for sure worth trying.  As a summary, one of the best restaurants in Granada and a very safe option for groups with different preferences, tastes, or dietary restrictions. 

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Type of food at this restaurant


Andalusia is Spain´s largest Comunidad autonoma and a region famous for its tomato cold soups (gazpacho or salmorejo), the fried fish and the use of amazing olive oil in salads and most dishes.  Granada offers dishes with great influence from Moorish gastronomy and in Granada you will be surprised to find some streets in which you would simply believe you are in a different land. At the Los Patos restaurant cuisine is a mix of traditional dishes from Granada with updated versions of adapted dishes from other cuisines. The menu can certainly please everybody and yet, provide a local quality experience. 

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Find below two of our best options to enjoy fine dining in Granada. These two restaurants are very different from the Los Patos restaurants, but share the overall high quality of what they propose.  

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Q Which dishes are typical from Granada?

Honey is one of Granada´s most typical products. It is used in many desserts. The ham from Trevelez, in the Alpujarra region is of top quality and can be tasted at most bars. If you are a fan of asparragus Granada is a good palce for you: Denomination of Origin of the Huétor Tájaris a local brand from the Granada province that protects top quality asparragus. Granada is also an important oil producing area, with 3 different quality brands. The climate at the Granada province makes it also good to grow tropical fruits such as avocados and mangos

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