Los Nietos Del Pescador – Review

Los Nietos del Pescador is a tiny little restaurant in the center of Marbella that offers a variety of homemade traditional Andalusian seafood dishes. The place is a bit of a “hole in the wall” but they have some, very fairly priced, tasty seafood dishes. The place is authentic as you will find in Marbella.

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Location of Los Nietos del Pescador

Los Nietos del Pescador or the Fisherman’s grandchildren in English is just a stone’s through from the beach, in the center of Marbella’s downtown area. It is less than a 5 minutes walk from Bajadilla beach, and 15 minutes from the cities old quarter.

If you are looking for a traditional, no-frills Andalusian meal, few places are better or more authentic in downtown Marbella.  

Menu of Los Nietos del Pescador 

For starters, the actual physical menus are flimsy plastic sheets that look like they haven’t changed since the early ’90s, and they probably haven’t. What you will find on them is a long list of simple, crowd-pleasing tapas and rations made with the freshest seafood available in the city. You will find paella, fried fish, calamari, croquettes, chopitos, etc. The dishes are as traditional as it gets and meant to be shared with friends over mugs of ice-cold beer. 

Value for money – Los Nietos del Pescador 

As “high value” options go in Marbella, it doesn’t get much better than Los Nietos del Pescador. As long as you are in the mood for some simple, traditional, and delicious tapas, this little restaurant is an excellent option.

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