The best cliffs in Tenerife

Los Gigantes is the most impressive cliffs in Tenerife and the Canary Islands. They are one of Tenerife´s top sights and a visit to these cliffs is included in many excursions and tours. In this guide to Los Gigantes cliffs, we cover the story of their creation and the different ways to enjoy them.

The name “Los Gigantes” has a simple explanation. Gigantes means giant in Spain and since the height of Los Gigantes varies from 300 meters to 600 meters we can easily understand why locals used this name to describe them and name them.

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Where are los Gigantes located?

Los Gigantes cliffs are located on the northwest part of Tenerife. The closest harbor to Los Gigantes is Puerto de Santiago, a harbor located next to the beach of Los Guios and the holiday resort of Puerto de Santiago that has not reached the size of Playa de las Americas on the Southern part of Tenerife.

How did Los Gigantes cliffs appear?

Los Gigantes are part of the Macizo de Teno (Massif of Teno). After the volcanic base of what shapes today, Tenerife was formed, 3 massif structures appeared: Teno on the Northwest, Anaga on the Northeast, and Adeje on the Southwest. These massifs date back some 7 million years ago (the Teide dates back some 3 million years ago in comparison). When the 3 massifs appeared from the ancient balsatic base they were actually 3 different islands and it was the emergence of Teide that merged them as a unique island.

The massif of Teno where Los Gigantes is located is a beautiful area with many gorges and ravines formed by erosion. The most impressive and unusual landscape in the Teno massif is Los Gigantes cliffs with its vertical rocks of igneous rocks.

How to get to Los Gigantes?

The easiest way to enjoy Los Gigantes is from the beach of Los Guios. This is a well-protected beach next to the harbor of Puerto de Santiago and that offers good swimming and snorkel opportunities.

Whale watching and Los Gigantes

A good number of whale and dolphin excursions in Tenerife include a short visit to Los Gigantes. The stop at  Los Gigantes is usually at the end of the tour and may include the opportunity to swing next to Los Gigantes.

El Barranco de Masca and Los Gigantes

The most impressive way to enjoy Los Gigantes cliffs is to enjoy El Barranco de Masca. This can be done on your own though you will have to pay careful attention to the logistics or using one of the excursions available which normally include transportation to Masca and a boat ride from the end of El Barranco (right in the middle of Los Gigantes) to Puerto de Santiago.  

Kayak next to Los Gigantes

This is one of the most popular water-sport activities in Tenerife. The kayak excursions normally start from Puerto de Santiago harbour. On some occasions it is possible to enjoy the presence of dolphins during these kayak excursions!

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