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Lígula offers incredibly high-quality food at a very reasonable price.

You will find creative Mediterranean-style dishes that are definitely worth a taste.

The biggest drawback is the location, which is slightly outside of the city center.

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Location of Lígula 

Lígula’s location is its biggest drawback. The restaurant is located just outside of Málaga’s downtown area. It is 13 minutes by car westbound from the famous Picasso Museum of Málaga. The restaurant is very close to the Bahía Málaga shopping center and the Málaga soccer federation.  

Menu of Lígula 

Chef José Muñoz offers excellent, traditional Andalusian home cooking made with the highest quality locally sourced seasonal ingredients. The menú includes everything from Mlagueño style gazpacho to oxtail croquettes to cod confit. 

The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list, filled with local varieties. 

Value for money – Lígula 

As long as you are willing to go a bit out of your way, Lígula is one of the best “value” options in Málaga. 

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Ajoblanco is one of Malaga´s most famous dishes. A cold and refreshing soup, ajoblanco may not be as famous as gazpacho but it is as tasty and healthy as its cousin. Ajoblanco is made with almonds and garlic. Small bit of melon and breadcrumbs are added to the dish. If you are in Malaga around September 2nd you will be able to taste ajoblanco in many different variations since this is dedicated to ajoblanco in Malaga! Porra Antequerana from the village of Antequera is also a cold soup. It is however thick and with tomatoes as its main ingredients. Unlike gazpacho, la Porra antequerana is usually served as a tapa rather than as a starter. Espeto of Sardines is a fantastic way to taste sardines. A traditional espeto implies to grill the sardines right after they have been taken from the sea. As a matter of fact, a espeto is tradionally roasted in the beach, with a burning firewood (though slowly cooked) . Meatballs in almond sauce. This is a typical tapa you will find at many bars and restaurants in Malaga.

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