Why we recommend hotel Lar?

Lar is one of those restaurants you have to know is there or you might miss it.

Located in Bilbao’s old quarter, Lar is a small traditional Basque tavern.

Everything about the restaurant is authentic from the decoration to the food.

They serve delicious homemade Basque classics, specializing in seafood.

Everything from the fish, to the olive oil, to the salt it is seasoned with are all chosen with care.

If you are in the area and want an authentic Basque dining experience, this is a great choice.

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Bilbao is located in Bizkaia, one of the 3 basque provinces. As in all the rest of the basque country people here are really proud about their food and dedicate lots of time.
Bizkaia is very famous in Spain for cod recipes. Bacalao (cod) is prepared here in different styles. Bacalao al pil pil is a very simple recipe in which cod and oil go hand in hand. Bacalao Bizkaina makes use of tomato and pepper. Marmitako is also a very famous dish. It used to be cooked by sailors while fishing in the sea. Tuna and potatoes are its main ingredients. Pisto Bilnbao style is a ratatouille that includes ham and egg. Gernika beans is also one of the most typical dishes. A very filling dish!

Q Which dishes are typical from Bilbao?

There is no precise rule as to how much to tip in Spain. Spaniards only tip if they consider the service to be good. A 5% is normally considered a good tip. Having said this, some local waiters know tourists tip more than local Spaniards do and may expect more from foreigners.

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