La Casa de Manolete – Review

Located right in the heart of Córdoba we find A flor de piel, one of the best culinary experiences you can enjoy in this magical city.

Housed in a 19th Century Place, that once was the residence of one of Spains’ most prominent Philosophers, Ortega y Gasset, A flor de piel offers a dining experience like no other. The Palace itself is worth a visit on its own. The estate has a rich history all its own.


In the kitchens, Chef Juanjo Ruiz, delivers an ever-changing menu filled with his own creative take on a variety of Andalusian classics. Chef Ruiz only works with seasonal, handpicked ingredients. There are two dining options, a 9-course meal and a 10 course. Truly one of a kind gastronomic experience.

A bit of history

The palace belonged to the father of Spain´s most famous philosopher: Ortega y Munilla, father of José Ortega y Gasset) sold the palace in 19115, 35 years after it was built. The new owner was the major of Cordoba, Rafael Cruz Conde. At that time the palace received many important visitors, including once the King of Spain Alfonso XIII. The Cruz Conde family owned a winery that produced a wine called Fino Cruz Conde (sherry style). In some of the paintings of Cordoba´s most famous painter, Julio Romero de Torres (the painter who thanks to a song everybody in Spain knows as the man who best painted the Spanish woman), added a little bottle of Cruz Conde wine. Why? The Cruz Conde family supported Julio Romero de Torres in his art.

The history of this palace did not end with the Cruz Conde family and Julio Romero de Torres. The family sold the palace in 1942 to the famous bullfighter Manolete. He could only enjoy the palace 5 years since he died in Linares after a bullfight.  

The restaurant gets the name from Manolete, the owner at the time of this palace. This is not just a place to enjoy fine dining in Cordoba, but also a place where philosophy, politics, and the art of painting and the art of bullfighting melt.

We consider Casa de Manolete one of the most interesting places in Cordoba, and not just one more restaurant.

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