Faunia Madrid is the cities second zoo. The park opened its doors back in 2001. Back then it was known as the Parque biológico de Madrid, but it was renamed Faunia by philologist and writer, Fernando Beltrán.

Faunia describes itself as a theme and nature park. Faunia looks to provide a more immersive experience to its guests, putting them right in the animal’s natural habitat. The park doesn’t feature as many animals as the Madrid Zoo, but offers a complete sensory experience that is hard to beat as one of Madrid best attractions for children and families

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The park spans over 14 hectares with over 3000 animals and 300 different species. The park is divided into 15 different ecosystems and 19 different habitats that are set up with the appropriate humidity, lighting and temperature to accommodate the animals and transport the guests to the actual environment in which they live. You can experience the extreme cold of the arctic in Europe’s largest polar enclosure and the balmy conditions of the Amazon rainforest all in the same visit.

Guests can also enjoy several performances by the animals. The park offers a raptor show where these predatory birds show off their flight skills, a seal demonstration with sea lions and fur seals and, if you are lucky, you can even be the first to meet some of the different baby animals born in the park.

The park also features several rest areas and lakes, a restaurant area and a play area for children, there is even a dinosaur expo with several life-like reproductions.

Finally, Faunia also offers a much more interactive experience, offering a good number of activities where guests can get up close and personal with the animals. You can interact (under the supervision and direction of the parks expert animal keepers) with Fur Seals, manatees, pelicans, penguins, lemurs, parrots, and even crocodiles.

Fuania is a great way to spend the day especially if you are traveling with little ones as they can get face to face with some of their favorite animals.

Our favorite ecosystems

North and south pole

Experience the hundreds of penguins that call Faunia home and see how they feed, swim, and frolic in their natural habitat.

The Jungle

The scene is set perfectly in this enclosure. As soon as you step in you are hit with the heat and humidity of the Amazon jungle.

Nocturnal animals

This pitch-black enclosure is home to all the Parks nocturnal animals. You can observe bats, owls, and lynx (among others) when they feel most at home: in the dead of night.

Should I visit Faunia or the Madrid Zoo?

The big difference is in the impressiveness and the amount and diversity of the animals. Faunia offers a more unique experience when it comes to interacting with the animals in their natural habitats. The Madrid zoo is home to a greater number of animals and more exotic ones at that. The Madrid zoo is home to big predators, it features a huge state of the art aquarium and boasts a rare panda exhibit.

How to get to Faunia Madrid?

Getting to Faunia from the center of Madrid is very easy, especially if you are traveling  a car, which will take you about 20 minutes:

If you are using public transportation, it is also very easy to get there, but it will take a tad bit longer, around 45 minutes:


What animals are there in Faunia Madrid?

As we mentioned before there are over 3000 individuals and 300 different species. Some of the more popular animals at the park are the lemurs (several different species), the seals and penguins (again several different species of each), the ocelots and the Nile crocodiles.

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Faunia Madrid is the cities second zoo. The park opened its doors back in 2001. Back then it was known as the Parque biológico de

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