Ermita de La Candelaria – Review 

Ermita de la Candeleria is located in the heart of Córdoba, down narrow a cobbled stone street. The restaurant is housed within an old hermitage.

From the outside, it would be impossible to know what lies within. Ermita de la Candeleria is vast, elegant, and dimly lit.

The kitchens serve classic Cordobés dishes served in their most elegant form. If you are looking for a secluded authentic Andalusian experience, this is a great option.

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Location of Ermita De La Candelaria 

Ermita de la Candelaria is located in downtown Córdoba, near the Guadalquivir River and the Julio Romero Torrest Museum. The restaurant is ideally located if you want to get away from the most touristy areas of Córdoba, but remain in within the cities downtown area. The restaurant is just 10 minutes by foot from the world-famous Mezquita, and the cities Real Alcazar.

Menu of Ermita La Candelaria

The restaurant offers an upscale yet traditional dining experience. the restaurant specializes in traditional Andalusian dishes, featuring some local Cordobés delicacies. You will find all sorts of delicious, fresh seafood options, hearty rice dishes, and a variety of grilled meats. The restaurant is as sophisticated as a traditional Andalusian tavern can get, without becoming stuffy.  

Value for money – Ermita La Candelaria

This restaurant is on the pricier side. You can find cheaper options in Córdoba, but if you are looking for a good place for a romantic diner for two, this is an excellent option. Equal parts traditional and elegant. 

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