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Dos Cielos Madrid by Hermanos eTorres – Review

The Torres brothers are famous chefs in Spain. Their TV show has been successful for years and they were always eager to open a restaurant in Madrid, and you can tell they have well done!. They opted for a restaurant that could offer fine dining near the Royal Palace, a location that can suit both locals and visitors to Madrid alike. 

They set up shop right next to the Royal theater in, what use to be, one of the stables inside the elegant Hotel Meliá Gran Palacio de los Duques.


The Dos Cielos menu developed alongside Damián González who runs the kitchen and exudes talent, technique, and care. If you are looking for a restaurant that offers fine dining near the Royal palace Dos Cielos is your place.

The menu is short, with some 15 dishes displayed. But you should not be misled by the rather short number of options; that may not always ease the task of selecting your meal! And this Is exactly what happens at Dos Cielos. Part of the menu is composed of dishes that bring new light to traditional ingredients from Madrid.

Overall Review

A fantastic option to enjoy fine dining near the Royal Palace. The restaurant offers a short menu, well balanced and with dishes that are generous, well-presented, and rooted in Madrid and the chef´s family culinary tradition.

The tableware and the cutlery have been carefully selected and it almost seems the tables, with its blackboards, marble and wood, have been chosen to enhance the display of the dishes served. Everything is thought out, measured and the venue is perfect for this purpose too: brick walls, leather on the seats, large windows that bring loads of light to the dining area.
A really pleasant restaurant indeed, romantic, local, with great service and excellent food. The wine list, by the way, is also excellent.

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Madrid visitors guide

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Style of this restaurant

Mediterranean cuisine is synonymous with health. Generous use of olive oil, garlic and onions are the basic ingredients for many recipes. Seafood, vegetables, and fruit

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Dos Cielos is one of our top picks to enjoy fine dining near the Royal Palace of Madrid

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GastroVía 61 – Madrid – Review GastroVía 61 is pure Madrid. The cuisine is as Castilian as it can get and the ambiance is 100% Madrid: from the music to the decoration to the red carnations on each table. Menu Here you will find great homemade cooking and on Thursdays,

Q Which attractions are near restaurant Dos Cielos Madrid by Hermanos Torres?

Palacio Real
Catedral de la Almudena
Plaza de Oriente
Plaza Mayor

Q Which dishes are typical from Madrid?

Despite Madrid is a melting pot of Spanish cultures, and that you will be able to find restaurants that specialize in gastronomy from all regions of Spain, there are some dishes which are typical “Madrileños”.
Cocido madrileño is Madrid´s best-known dishes. A chickpea stew served in many different formats, this is a great option to enjoy in winter, especially at some of the restaurants that specialize in cocido. Bocadillo de calamares is a cheap way to enjoy a simple lunch or dinner. A very simple dish can be delicious if all ingredients (squid,oil and bread) are of excellent quality. Callos a la madrileña: this is a beef tripe stew and many traditional restaurants are proud to serve “the best callos in Madrid”
te Madrid is a melting pot of Spanish cultures, and that you will be able to find restaurants that specialize in gastronomy from all regions of Spain, there are some dishes which are typical “Madrileños”.

Q How much shoudl I tip at this restaurant?

There is no precise rule as to how much to tip in Spain. Spaniards only tip if they consider the service to be good. A 5% is normally considered a good tip. Having said this, some local waiters know tourists tip more than local Spaniards do and may expect more from foreigners.

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