The City of arts of Valencia is a large complex dedicated, as the name indicates to the arts and sciences. This complex features several ultra-modern buildings and structures, each specializing in something different: performing arts, botany, marine biology, etc.

This city within the city is one of Valencia’s main attractions. It was built on what was once the riverbed of the Turia River. The river was drained and rerouted after a catastrophic flood in 1957. After that, the area was converted into a park.

Then, in 1996, two of Spain’s most renowned architects were commissioned to design, what would become, the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia. The first piece to be completed was the Hemisfèric, which opened its doors in 1998. The Palau de las Artes Reina Sofia was the last major building to be inaugurated in 2005, and the project was fully completed in 2009.

The projects original budget was €300 million, but it ended up costing 3 times that amount.

How long does it take to go around city of arts and science in Valencia?

There is so much to see and do that we would suggest setting aside at least 2 days if you really want to experience everything the center has to offer.

Of the 6 buildings of the City of arts and sciences, 4 are open to the public: The Oceanografic, the Principe Felipe Science Museum, L’Hemisfèric, and the Umbracle.

The Oceanografic is an open-air aquarium and the largest one in Europe at that. The 110 thousand square foot structure holds over 40 million liters of water and is home to 500 different aquatic species including marine mammals (dolphins, beluga whales, walruses, etc.), wetland bird species, aquatic reptiles and of course an immense variety of fish, crustaceans and other sea creatures.

Due to the immense size of the center, you will need the whole day to see everything.

The Principe Felipe Science Museum is a 40,000 square meter interactive science museum. You will find all types of interactive exhibits spanning everything from the human genome to space travel. Especially if you are visiting with children, you will need at least 4 hours to get the full experience.

Then there is the Hemisfèric and the Umbracle. The Hemisfèric features an IMAX cinema, a planetarium, and a laser show display. The Umbracle is an open-air structure that houses indigenous Valencian botanical species, and a collection of sculptures and contemporary art. You will need about two hours to visit both centers properly.

The Umbracle also features a brand-new disco, so you might have to set aside a good chunk of your evening as well if you feel like unwinding with some music and a cold drink.

How far to walk from the city of science to the city center in Valencia?

It will take you about half and hour to get from the City or Arts and Sciences to get to the city center  of Valencia.

How to get to the city of arts from the port of Valencia?

It will take you just 7 minutes by car to get from the Port of Valencia to the City of Arts and Sciences. You can follow the map bellow, and  you will be there in no time. 

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