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Both Casa Batlló and Casa Milá are located in Paseo de Gracia, one of the main commercial avenues in the city, just north of Plaza Cataluña and the famous Ramblas. Casa Batlló in Barcelona is the second building designed by Gaudí in Paseo de Gracia. This house has a ceramic roof and is another example of Gaudí’s imaginative work. Casa Batlló is part of the Block of Discord, a very beautiful area of this commercial avenue where you can find other modern architecture from other different architects: Lluís Domènech i Montaner, Josep Puig i Cadafalch, and Enric Sagnier. The façade of Casa Batlló resembles maritime life, but its interior is much more incredible

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Highlights of Casa Batlló

The Batlló house is one of the shining examples of Catalan modernist architecture. Gaudí fatefully accepted a remodeling project of a house on the Passieg de Gàcia at the ripe age of 52. At this point, the Gaudí had already established himself as one of the greatest architects of his time. 

casa batllo exterior

His architectural style had transcended mere academicism to reflect a personal vision of architecture, of great originality and innovative stamp. In usual Gaudí fashion, the house’s unique aesthetic design does not take away from its functionality. For example, Gaudí placed special emphasis on both lighting and ventilation, two basic features for a healthy and comfortable life in an urban residential building. The design placed a large central courtyard in the center of the building, onto which the service rooms opened, while the living rooms and bedrooms faced the street. This central courtyard is also the building’s main artery featuring the staircase and the elevator.

The house is 430o m² in total and 450 m²  per floor. It is 32 meters tall and 14.5 meters wide. The original house 21 meters high and 3100 m², considerably less than the current edification.  The building has eight floors:

  • A basement used for charcoal and storage rooms.
  • The ground floor was initially used as a garage and then as a warehouse. Next to the main entrance, there was a storefront as well. This shop was once used by Lumière photography of the Pathé Frères film production company.
  • The “noble floor” was occupied entirely by the Batlló family, and also contains a large patio at the back of the building
  • The other four floors were for rent, with two houses each
  • Finally, there is a loft, intended for a service area, and covered by the roof.
casa batllo at night

How to get to Casa Batlló 

Casa Batlló is located in the heart of Barcelona’s downtown, right on the famous Passeig de Gràcia, which is the same street Casa Milà (or la Pedrera as it is known) is on. 

If you are planning on getting there on public transportation, your best option is probably taking the metro and getting off at the Passeig de Gràcia station, which is just a few minutes from the house. 

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Which is better, Casa Milà or Casa Batlló? 

If you can, you really should visit both. One of Barcelona’s claims is it’s unique modernist architecture, and these are two of the most important such landmarks. 

If you are pressed for time, and you can only choose one, Casa Batlló is probably the better option. Both have very particular styles, and both have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but the general consensus is that Batlló is the more attractive, refined, and elegant.

casa batllo sant jordi

Casa Batlló and Sant Jordi

The mythical legend of Saint George and the Dragon is illustrated by the design of Casa Batlló through the façade and in two specific spaces inside:

On the roof, you can see the scally back of the dragon that comes to life with the iridescent ceramic tiles. The creature is pierced by a four-armed Cross that evokes the sword of Sant Jordi.

On the top floor, we find a flower-shaped balcony which is a nod to the balcony on which the princess stands in the legend.

On the lower floors, the remains of the victims slain by the dragon are represented by the skull-shaped balconies and the columns of the rostrum that resemble bones.

Lastly, within the house, in the private entrance hall to the Batlló family’s home, the staircase is meant to look like the spine of an animal and which, according to popular culture, could refer to the spine of the dragon’s tail. 

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