Why we recommend Carmen Aben Humeya?

In the center of Granada, looking out at the Alhambra, we find one of the best and most romantic restaurants in all of Granada: Carmen de Aben Humeya.

The restaurant offers amazing food and amazing views of the Alhambra. They serve an updated version of traditional Granadino cuisine, pristinely prepared and presented.

Easily one of the best meals you can experience in Granada.

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Andalusia is Spain´s largest region so you can expect local differences in its cuisine from place to place. Having said this, however, Andalusia is the world´s largest producer of olive oil, so you would expect olive oil being extensively used in Andalusian cuisine.
The use of olive oil also explains the so called “pescaito frito” which is the local version of fried fish. Delicious!
Tomato soups like gazpacho and salmorejo (from Cordoba) or cold garlic soups like ajoblanco (malaga and Cadiz) are perfect for Andalusian´s weather.


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Q Which dishes are typical from Granada?

Honey is one of Granada´s most typical products. It is used in many desserts. The ham from Trevelez, in the Alpujarra region, is of top quality and can be tasted at most bars. If you are a fan of asparagus Granada is a good place for you: Denomination of Origin of the Huétor Tájaris a local brand from the Granada province that protects top-quality asparagus. Granada is also an important oil-producing area, with 3 different quality brands. The climate at the Granada province makes it also good to grow tropical fruits such as avocados and mangos

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