Caló des Moro Beach in Southern Mallorca

Caló des Moro is a virgin beach located 6 kilometers drive from Santanyí. The beach is not easy to access but it is small (30 meters length and 20 meters of width) Its size explains why it is rather crowded despite being difficult to reach. Pines and bushes besides its crystal waters make Caló des Moro one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. It is a great beach to enjoy scuba diving and snorkling in Mallorca. Its depth ranges from 3 to 4 meters.

For those arriving from the sea, Caló des Moro is open to winds from the southeast. If you arrive by car you will need to walk for over 1 kilometer (some 15 minutes) to arrive to Caló des Moro. Leave the car at Cala Lombards.

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Q Which city is close to Caló des Moro?

This beach is located 6 kms from Santanyí. Santanyí is located in the south west of Mallorca, It is the area in the island closest to Africa (just 150 kilometers) As a matter of fact, this area of Mallorca suffered in the 17th century attacks from pirates that arrived from Northern Africa.
Santonyí is worth a visit. Among the best things to do in Santonyí you will find the day market (on Saturdays) and to enjoy the many art galleries in town. Due to itds beauty many artists made of Santonyí their home. You will also be able to enjoy daily cruise tours to the amazing natural park of Cabrera, a small island South of Mallorca.

Q What do red, yellow or green flags mean in the Spanishes beaches?

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