Cala sa Calobra in Northern Mallorca

Driving to Sa Calobra beach by car is not easy and should even be disregarded if you do not enjoy driving or are fearful of getting sick (driving in Spain is generally easy but this is a clear exception!). Having said this, you will for sure enjoy a fantastic reward once you reach Sa Calobra. The road is beast enjoyed off the top tourist season when there are fewer large buses getting up and down.


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Ça Calobra beach- visitor guide

What does Ça Calobra mean?

As a matter of fact, Ça Calobra means the snake road and once you have enjoyed it you will for sure agree with this description. The road was built in 1932 by Italian designer Antonio Paretti, and the top highlight in the road is the bow tie, a loop of 270 degrees, a truly dramatic curve.

Best way to visit Ça Calobra

Another option, probably the best one, is to get to Sa Calobra by boat from Port Soller (see tour options below). There are daily ferries and excursions that will take you there in an enjoyable tour. If you decide to drive we can only say that driving the winding roads that lead to Ça Calobra is one of the best experiences to enjoy in Mallorca. The steep cliffs, the blue sea and the winding roads ahead….

What is so special about Ça Calobra?

Ça Calobra is one of Spain´s best-known beaches. Getting here is almost an adventure and many people talk about it when they return from their visit to Mallorca.

There are in reality two beaches, both in a fantastic setting. What makes it such a fantastic place is its location. 

Hiking in Ça Calobra

The most popular hike to enjoy in Ça Calobra is the one to get to the Torrent de Pareis beach. This is however a short hike of no more than 15 minutes among pine trees and with fantastic views.

Is it really worth visiting Ça Calobra?

The beach is located at the point where the canyon Torrent de Pareis reaches the Mediterranean sea. Through some rock tunnels, you will arrive at the second of the beaches.

Nestled among mountains from the Sierra de Tramuntana, Ça Calobra is not the typical family summer beach, but a kind of adventure-like beach. There are not many services and you should not expect this to be the most relaxing beach day for you bearing in mind the drive plus the fact that the beach receives a good number of visitors, and that the beach is composed of a mix of sand, gravel, and rocks (not the best for small children). We would recommend you take your visit to Ça Calobra as an excursion to a major tourist attraction, and not just a beach day. Having said this, the sea gets amazing turquoise colors and you can enjoy there a great beach day too!

Are there restaurants and services in Ça Calobra?

You will find a few restaurants and bars near the beach, not the top quality in our opinion though.

There is a small villa ge too Despite the beach can be accessed by wheelchair, other services are limited to a minimum. Next to Sa calobra you will be able to reach to Torrent de Parlós, a larger beach that can be accessed from a cave in the cliffs.
An overall exciting experience to enjoy a great beach day!

Recommended tours to enjoy Ça Calobra

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Q Which city is close to Sa Calobra?

Port Soller is the closest important town near Sa calobra and a place from where many boats cruise daily to Sa calobra

Q What do red, yellow or green flags mean in the Spanishes beaches?

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