The Parque de Anaga is located in the northeast of the island, at 30 minutes drive from Santa Cruz de Tenerife (at 30 minutes drive). This park offers ravines, a lauresilva (laurel) forest that could have been taken from a fairy tale, beautiful rock formations, and beaches that are hardly visited.

The park was declared a biosphere reserve and it covers around 14,500 hectares (some 8% of the total surface area of Tenerife island). The mountain range is so close to the sea that visitors can enjoy a good number of places with breathtaking views. This park is one of the oldest areas of Tenerife. Volcanic sediments shape ravines and cliffs of great beauty.

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Other natural areas and hikes in Tenerife

Anaga park – what to expect

Over 100 endemic species of flora and fauna gather in the park. The isolation of the park and the diversity of spaces have contributed to its preservation. The park is probably the best area in Tenerife to enjoy bird watching, and it is a great place too to enjoy reptiles and bats. The same richness and abundance of life can be found in the sea areas. Tenerife’s largest laurel forest is located in the park. This forest has survived 40 million years… and it is there for all of us to be enjoyed!

The area has been inhabited since Guanche times and today there are some 25 small rural areas that cater less than 2,000 people whose main occupation is agriculture, fishing, and farming. This is an area where ancient traditions have been maintained in Tenerife and where you will still be able to enjoy traditional Tinerfeño culture.

Anaga park information centre

A very good option to enjoy the park is with a guided tour. Local experts know the best areas but also can explain the different species in the park.

If you prefer to visit the park on your own the visitor centre provides good information on routes available. There is a small exhibition at the centre. It is open every day (with a few exceptions like Christmas, New Years, eve, etc.) till 15:00 or 16:00 in high season.

It rains often in this part of Tenerife, so bring adequate clothes and shoes.

Wooden bridge in the forest of Anaga in Tenerife

Recommended circular trek in Anaga park

La Ensillada-Roque de Anambro-Cabezo del Tejo-La Ensillada

Distance: 6,7 km; time: 2 hours; difficulty: little wikiloc directions

If there is one trek we can recommend in Anaga it is this one (it is simple enough to be enjoyed by everybody) since it will bring you to the best example of laurel forest in Tenerife. Besides, you will also enjoy splendid views of the coast. It is a circular trail which simplifies logistics.

The hike starts in the old recreation area of La Ensillada (Mk 4,9 TF 123) You will be able to park here. A wide path will take you straight into the forest The path is easy to follow and after a little walk you will be able to enjoy Roque Chinobre. Once you enjoy this and return to the path you will head to Roque Anambro which offers the remains of a volcanic chimney that exploded millions of years ago. You will then head to the viewpoint at Cabezo del Tejo which offers fantastic views.
The way back will be through a path that you will find when you reach the TF 123.

If you prefer a longer trek there are many options to enjoy excavated caves, winding paths, dense vegetation, splendid views of the coast. They inclue areas like Taganaga, Roque de las bodegas or the Benijo beach. You will be able to get information on these routes at the visitors centre.

Other natural areas and treks in Tenerife

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