The Alcázar of Toledo is the fortress that presides over the city of Toledo. Built at the highest point in the city, it has been an important strategic location since the 3rd century AC, when the Romans built a fortress in the same location. The Alcázar was rebuilt under Charles I (also known as Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor) and his heir Philip II during the 1540s.

Toledo has been a site of great importance to the history of Spain and the Alcázar was the political and military heart of the city. Toledo was declared the capital of Spain in 1519 and remained as such until 1561 and during this time the Alcázar of Toledo was essentially the countries main government building. The Alcázar was the site where Charles I received the “conquistador” Hernán Cortés after he returned from South America having conquered the Aztec empire.

During the Spanish Civil War, the Alcázar was again a site of great strategic value and was used as a military base. Most of the fortification had to be rebuilt after the conflict because of the damage the building received. The Alcázar was the focal point of an infamous siege during this time when troops loyal to General Franco barricaded themselves within the citadel and held of Republican troops for 2 months until re-enforcements arrived.

The Alcázar is currently is an important government building and contains the war museum of Toledo.

How long to see the Alcázar of Toledo?
It will take you about 1 hour to visit the museum at the Alcázar
What is the Alcázar of Toledo?
Alcázar is the Arab word for castle or fort. The Alcázar of Toledo has been the military and strategic heart of the city of Toledo ever since the Romans first built a garrison on the site where the Alcázar currently stands. 
What style is Alcázar of Toledo?
There have been many different iterations of the Alcázar over the centuries. The current building, however was built in the Herrerian style. Juan de Herrera is Spain´s most famous architects responsible for the Royal Palace of Aranjuez, the Plaza Mayor of Madrid and the El Escorial monastery. 


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