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La playa de Itzurun – otherworldly

Fantastic cliffs with amazing shapes!

mapMarkerGrey Itzurun Zuhaizbidea, 16, 20750...

Playa de Gulpiyuri – small hidden

Small is beautiful! Fantastic landscapes. Better to arrive early

mapMarkerGrey Playa de Gulpiyuri, 33594, Ast...

PLAYA DE LAGA – a great beach near

Golden sand and a surfers paradise

mapMarkerGrey Playa de Laga, 48311, Vizcaya...

PLAYA DE OYAMBRE – Large and beaut

Nature and beautiful villages nearby. An amazing beach!

mapMarkerGrey 39547 San Vicente de la Barque...

Playa de Poo – Beautiful beach in

Green and blue get together in this beach with mountains behind it

mapMarkerGrey Carretera, N-634, 33500 Póo...

PLAYA DE RODAS – turquoise water i

Selected by the Guardian as the best beach in the world…

mapMarkerGrey Camino C5 Illas Cies, 8, Vigo,...

The spectacular beach of Trengandin by S

Long and beautiful. Perfect for families

mapMarkerGrey Paseo de Trengandín, 9, 13, 3...