Hidden Gems

Laguardia, Alava

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1 day in Laguardia

Estimated time to visit: 4 hours


Located in Alava, in the Rioja Alavesa wine region and 15 minutes drive from Logroño (the largest town nearby), Laguardia is one of those small villages that despite seeing the number of tourists increase, it is not yet overrun by them.  


Laguardia in a nutshell

Laguardia (Basque: Guardia) is a town located in Álava, the Basque country, in the north of Spain. Its old part is fortified and cannot be accessed by cars.  This explains why visiting it is so special!

It has a population of around 1500; but in the past it  used to be an importat defensive town and had more than 2500.

This small town was founded in 908 by Sancho Abarca of Navarre to defend the frontier, when it was known as La Guarda. It was originally laid out in the shape of
a ship, with the bow facing North. and the stern South. In 1164 it achieved town status under Sancho el Sabio. In 1194 its fortifications were extended by King Sancho el Fuerte.
From 1367-1461 it was taken many times by the Kings of Castile. In 1461 it finally fell to the Crown of Castile hrough Ferdinand and Isabella.

Things to do in Laguardia

San Juan Bautista church in the walled village of Laguardia, Alava

Romanesque, Gothic, Barroque and Renaissance art get together at this church

cat-icon San Juan Plaza, 5

Santa Maria de los Reyes and its amazing Portico in Laguardia

Inside the church you will find one of Spain´s most unusual and beautiful portals

cat-icon Mayor Kalea, nº 1, Laguardia, Alava

Recommended hotels in Laguardia

Hospederia de los Parajes – 3 stars – Laguardia

A boutique hotel built in a totally refurbished palace and with delightful rooms and great service

cat-icon Calle Mayor 46, Laguardia

Just 20 minutes from Logroño