Hidden Gems

La Alberca, Salamanca

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1 day in LA ALBERCA

Estimated time to visit:  4 hours (lunch time not included)


La Alberca is the most visited villages in La Sierra de Francia and is located at 1 hour drive from the historical city of Salamanca.  Local tourists arrive on weekends to enjoy its natural environment and artisan and food shop (which specialise in local ham). Time seems to pass by slowly in the streets of La Alberca….

La Alberca in a nutshell

This village of some 1,500 inhabitants lies at an altitude of 3,444 ft. and is one of Spain’s most charming spots. It has kept much of its medieval character and is now under national protection. Outside the idyllic village, with its narrow streets and fine squares there are some fine farmsteads with canopy roofs and bay windows. Most impressive of all, however, is the village’s main square with its arcades of wood and granite. Many of the interesting village customs have survived.

Things to do in La Alberca

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1 hour from Salamanca