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GErona – One of the most beautiful cities of Catalonia

The city of Gerona is the capital of the province with the same name, located north of Barcelona It The capital of its own province in northeast Catalonia, Girona is a sublime medieval city with one of Spain’s last surviving Jewish quarters.

Girona has been a historically coveted area of the country and it has suffered over 20 sieges over its history, which explains why it is completely surrounded by high fortifications that are still standing today.

Gerona has gained fame in recent tears thanks to the TV show Game of Thrones, which featured the city during Season Six when it appears as the imaginary city of Braavos.

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Practical information to plan your visit to Gerona

Top 5 reasons to visit Gerona

Explore the cities Medieval Wall 

Gerona has had a defensive wall surrounding it since the Romans had control of the city. The defensive walls were expanded in the time of Charlemagne in the early 800’s and then enlarged again during the 14th century.

They are still practically intact today and you can actually walk along the ramparts around nearly the whole of the old quarter.  This is a great way to see the city and start soaking in the medieval vibes of the city. You can also climb up the several watchtowers to enjoy the best vantage points to see Girona’s skyline.

El Call

El Call is the cities pristine Jewish quarter. There was a massive expulsion in Spain of the Jewish population during the time of the Catholic Kings way back at the end of the 15th century, which makes this area’s level of conservation all the more remarkable.

The enclave began around the 1100s and was developed over the next 300 years, becoming one of the largest in Spain. At one point, Girona was one of the most important Kabbalistic schools in the world and where a host of important Jewish thinkers and poets lived.

If you are in search of Instagram-able moments, be sure to have your camera ready. The are a myriad tiny winding cobbled stone streets, charming hidden corners, and secret gardens.

Museum of Jewish History

The museum is located in the afore mention Call section of the city. This museum gives even more insight into what life was like in the Girona’s Jewish Quarter, and you’ll also find out about the role the Jewish community had in the city’s medieval development.

Here you will find a slew of documents and artefacts discovered during excavations in El Call organized in eleven galleries in all, including the Synagogue where there’s a 14th-century stone etching in Hebrew invoking the Psalm of David.

Church of Sant Feliu

This beautiful and charming church is located on the old Roman road. There has been a Christian temple on the same site since 500s and Sant Feliu was also the city’s cathedral up to the 900s.

The church has an interesting mixture of styles, featuring gothic design elements but with a romanesque layout. The most distinctive feature of the church is its tower. As you cross the Onyar on the Pont de Sant Feliu: It culminates with a flat edge instead of a point.

Inside the church you will find Roman and early-Christian sarcophagi, dating to between the years 200 and 400, as well as the remains of a 4th-century martyr persecuted by Emperor Diocletian.

Girona Cathedral

The cathedral of Girona is perhaps the cities most beautiful jewel. It combines architectural styles from several periods: The main layout is gothic; in fact it has the widest gothic nave of any church in the world, and the second largest of all behind St.Peter’s Basilica.

The cathedral features the original bell-tower with its narrow twin-arches and the cloister, both of which are from the 1100s.


Best time to visit Gerona

The best months for good weather in Girona are March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November. On average, the warmest months are July and August, which are also the months that attract more tourism. January is the coldest month of the year
The rainiest months are April and October. 

Weather in Gerona

The climate of A Coruña is known as an atlántic climate and it is characterized by cold winters and warm summers with a good amount of precipitation during the year. The worst months in terms of weather are from December to February and in January particularly the weather is at its worst with average temperatures of 11 ° C and it rains about 108mm.

Best things to do near Gerona

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