Hidden Gems

Frigiliana, Malaga

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1 day in La GRANJA

Estimated time to visit: 4 hours (time for lunch not included) 


Frigiliana is located in Malaga, Spain. Frigiliana is a stunning white village near the beautiful sierra de Tejada, which is a natural park. 


Romans and phoenicians founded the “Frexinius” villa. It was the Muslims who set the creation of Frigiliana when they conquered Spain and in the Xth century a castle, no longer existing today, was built.

Frigiliana in a nutshell

Even after the Catholic Kings took it back, the population of Frigiliana remained to have Muslim habits.


Best things to see in Frigiliana


  • “El Ingenio”: It used to b a factory dedicated to the production of honey. Today, after being refurbished, it is used to produce cane, honey. It is the only cane honey factory in Europe.


  • The old fountain, known as “Fuente Vieja” was built in 1640. This marvelous Ancient piece of art is worth seeing


  • The San Antonio church is a church mostly built is the Renaissance style. It is really small in its interior but impressive at the time.


The location counts with a total of 42 restaurants so that you will be sure to find the one for you. 

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50 minutes drive from Malaga

Square in Frigiliana
Sierra, sea and Frigiliana