Cordoba in 1 or 2 days

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city break

Estimated average budget per person: 300€

(hotel with breakfast, meals, activities and local transportation included) helps you in your travel planning with ideas and recommendations to enjoy your trip to Cordoba. We do not sell travel, we simply provide the best advice.
Enjoy Cordoba, one of the most populated cities of the world in the Middle ages, in a 1 or 2 day city-break. Cordoba can be accessed by high speed train very easily from Madrid and this secure connection makes it easy to enjoy a break in Cordoba
Depending on your travel schedule you may decide to dedicate 1 or 2 days to Cordoba. One day is enough to enjoy the most important highlights and get a good feeling of the city. With 2 days you will be able to enjoy more attractions and even an excursion to MEdina Zahara. We have built this city-break in Cordoba including our recommendations for hotels, but bear in mind that you could enjoy 1 day in Cordoba travelling from Seville, or even Madrid, with the use of the High speed train. Besides just a city-break, this itinerary can also be part of any more extensive trip or vacation in Spain.

You will find recommendations to extend your stay and also to adapt it to your budget and travel style.

Vacation itinerary trip plan and budget in a nutshell

At Makesdpain we work hard to find the best trip ideas for you in Spain. We do not sell travel. We would however appreciate if some of the services proposed are booked through the links you will find. By doing so, you help us in our aim to provide great content and trip advice.
Our budgets are based on average costs if you enjoy the different activities mentioned in the itinerary. But prices vary from month to month, or also in case of special events in Cordoba, which means you should treat our daily budget as an orientation.

You will be able to add any of the elements we recommend in the itinerary to your trip plan list to ease your planning.


Budget estimation
160 per person
  • Check-in at hotel
  • Great Mosque
  • Jewish quarter and old Cordoba walk
  • Cordoba style tapas meal
  • Viana Palace and courtyards
  • Andalusian high-quality dinner


Ideas for a 2nd day
  • Excursion to Medina Azahara
  • Visit to the Synagogue
  • Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos
  • Arabic baths


Hotel options during your stay in Córdoba

(Find all our recommended hotels in Cordoba here)


Estimated walking time

1,5 hour

On day 1 in Cordoba : Cordoba was one of the most important cities in the world 1,000 years ago and a cultural super-power. During your visit, you will be able to enjoy this feeling, which remains alive in Cordoba still today. At the centerpiece, the gigantic Mosque and cathedral. This is one of the few places in the world where people can enjoy mass inside a mosque. But there is much more to enjoy in Cordoba: its narrow white streets, its famous Patios full of flowers…. We are sure you will Fall in love with Cordoba!

Cordoba Day 1 - Recommended itinerary

The spectacular Roman bridge and Calahorra tower- Cordoba

The place to enjoy the most impressive views of Cordoba and the Great Mosque

cat-icon Torre de Calahorra, Cordoba

Great mosque of Cordoba – visitors complete guide

The mosque is not only a pastoral symbol for worshippers but is also a witness of thousands of years

cat-icon Calle Cardenal Herrero, 1, Cordoba

El Patio de María – great traditional restaurant in Córdoba in an excellent setting

This authentic and quaint restaurant features a picturesque traditional interior patio and an array

cat-icon Calle Don Rodrigo, 714002CórdobaSpain

Santa Marina – Excellent traditional Cordobés tavern

A wonderful traditional Andalusian tapas bar, decorated with bull fighting themes and small wooden t

cat-icon Calle Mayor de Sta. Marina, 114001CórdobaSpain

Palacio de Viana – Cordoba

The most beautiful residential palace in Cordoba. Amazing courtyards

cat-icon Plaza de Don Gome 2, Cordoba

La Casa de Manolete restaurant- Córdoba

One of the top fine dinning experinces you can have in Córdoba. Housed in an amazing historical buil

cat-icon Av. de Cervantes, 1014008CórdobaSpain

The itinerary for the day

Insider´s hints

The Mosque

If there is one thing to enjoy in Cordoba, this is the Mosque.

During Mass you can enter free of charge. You will however not be able to visit it and the only area which you will be able to access is where the Mass takes place.

The tickets can be purchased using machines located near the entrance. You should arrive early to avoid long queues.

We strongly believe the best option to visit the Mosque is a guided tour. You avoid crowds and get guided by a local expert.

No matter how you decide to visit the mosque, we recommend you read about its history before you visit (we provide an enjoyable, reduced version of the history of the Great Mosque in this link)

Insider tip: we recommend to enjoy the views from the tower. 300 steps (with the option to stop at different levels to rest) . You wil be able to take fantastic pictures from here.

We strongly recommend you not to miss the views from the other side of the Roman bridge.

The walk from the Great Mosque to Viana Palace is full of interesting monuments, streets and squares.

Calle del pañuelo (handkerchief alley) . This street receives this name because in its narrowest point it is no larger than an handkerchief being hold by two people that face each other

Calleja de las Flores (Alley of the flowes) This is one of Cordoba´s most beautiful streets in Cordoba, Due to its size it often gets crowded. As its name indicates flowers hang on all the white houses in this street (most of which have been transformed into souvenir shops) Insider tip: turn your head if you arrive from the mosque to enjoy views of the tower or wait for the small square at the end of the alley.

Plaza del Potro. This square gets its name from the foal above the basin of the charming fountain. This square served as a livestock market and became famous thanks to Cervantes, who mentioned it in Don Quixote. The writer is said to have slept at the Meson del potro.

Plaza de la Corredera. When you get to this square you may think you have left Cordoba and have been transported to Castilla. There is nothing strange on this since the architect in charge was born in Salamanca. This large plaza is the only square plaza in Andalucia. It is also known as the Plaza del Mercado andwas used an an arena for bullfighting for many years.

Time for lunch? In this are of Cordoba we recommend Ermita de la Candelabria to enjoy a relaxed traditional meal. If you prefer a tapas style lunch, we recommend bar Santa Marina, near Palacio de Viana.

Roman temple An open air temple near the Town Hall. The building has been restored and boosts a façade decorated with impressive Corinthian columns.

Cristo de los Faroles square. This is one of our favorite squares in Cordoba. Exceptionally charming and little, this cobbled square is surrounded by white walls in front of the Capucin monastery. The square offers a genuine Andalusian atmosphere and it is most of all famous for the cross that stands at its centre. The cross is surrounded by eight wrought iron lanterns, and the marble figure of El “Cristo de los Farandoles” or Cristo de la Agonía.

-Palacio de Viana. 


These are the best ideas and activities to enjoy a second day in Cordoba.  You can find additional recommendations for restaurants in Cordoba on our dedicated page.

Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara- Cordoba

Medina Azahara in Cordoba Located eight kilometers South-west of Cordoba Medina Azahar is an outstanding example of the power, vision and ambition of its founder,

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